Tracking Your Volunteer Hours

  • The volunteer sign in computer in the school office can help you track your hours. When you volunteer at the school, please log in upon arrival and log out at departure. If you did volunteer work at home or missed logging in to the computer, you can log hours after the fact.

    This software is for your hourly tracking convenience only. It does not communicate your hours to your employer. Notifying employers of the volunteer hours is the employee’s responsibility using the system required by your employer.

    To view your volunteer hours log from home:

    Log in to HelpCounterWeb using your email address that you supplied to the booster club for communications or the email you used when first signed in to the computer at school. If this is your first time logging in to view your hours, enter your email address and request a password to be sent to you. PLEASE NOTE: You should use a different email address from your spouse. Otherwise, the system may combine your hours.
    Go to “View Volunteered Hours History”

    If you would like to have a monthly log emailed to you:

    1. Log in to HelpCounterWeb as above
    2. Go to “Update Your Contact Information”
    3. Check the toggle box for “send me an email…”

    To log hours after the fact:

    From the office volunteer computer, choose your name as if you are checking in for the day.  Instead of choosing an activity or a classroom, click “enter hours worked earlier or at home”

Employer Matching

  • Some of the local employers have Volunteer Hours Matching Grant Programs that donate money to charitable organizations based on the number of volunteer hours their employees donate to the organization.

    In order to take advantage of this matching, there is a verification process. The employee must declare their contribution to the employer then the Patterson Booster Club verifies to the company that we did indeed receive the donation. The two most common methods are a paper form (submitted with your donation) or online submission. Below are instructions to submit your donations to Intel and Nike. If your matching funds are from a different company, please contact them for instructions.


    When Intel employees volunteer and log their hours, Intel matches the effort by providing a cash donation to the club. If you are an Intel employee and volunteering this year, please remember to record your hours.

    To declare your volunteer hours with Intel, follow the steps below:

    1. Intel Employees log into:
    2. Click “Report Hours”
    3. Select Paul L Patterson Elementary School as the recipient.
    4. Follow website instructions
    5. The rules/limitations of Intel’s program are:
      1. The hourly donated rate is $10 per hour of volunteer time. The maximum grant amount that a school can receive in a calendar year is $15,000
      2. The school must receive a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer time in a calendar year (with so many Intel parents at Patterson, this is met easily).
      3. The deadline for reporting hours in a calendar year is January 15th of the subsequent year.

    Other Companies

    If your matching funds are coming from a company other than Intel, please contact your company to investigate their volunteer hour reporting process.

    If your company has a process to report hours we would like to hear from you and update this website with the details. Please email