WUCC Committtees

  • Headroom Parent Coordinator
    Headroom parent chairs compile our volunteer database from the list that parents checked at the beginning of the year stating which event they could help out with.  Then the chair coordinate all the room parent volunteers, recruit volunteers for the open room parent positions, host the volunteer social and send out remainders to the Headroom parents about class parties and staff appreciation week. We look forward in having fun with you and your family as your Room Parent(s).  Let’s Have A Great Year!!

    Headroom Parent
    Headroom Parents plan and host class parties and Staff Appreciation Week. The four parties we hold will be on Halloween, (Harvest Party), Christmas (Winter Holiday Party), Valentines day and Spring Fling Party.  If you have any questions or special skills that may help please give the Head Room Parent Chair a call.

    Class Teacher Head Room Parent
    Kindergarten Mrs. Petersen  
    Kindergarten  Ms. Story  
    1st Grade Mrs. Bonallo  
    1st Grade Mrs Johnston  
    2nd Grade Mrs. Benson  
    2nd Grade Mrs. Heagh-Avritt  
    3rd Grade Ms. Fryer  
    3rd Grade Ms. Peront  
    4th Grade Mr. Kaigler  
    4th Grade Mrs. Harrington  
    5th Grade Mr. Gorton  
    5th Grade Mrs. Sebastian   
     6th Grade  Ms. Brandt  
     6th Grade  Mrs. Dessert  

    Holiday Caring
    Our Holiday Caring & Sharing program offers West Union students and Parents a chance to give back to the Community and to assist other during the winter holiday season

    The Hospitality Chairs Organize the School Picnic, Families come for a picnic in the athletic field, Dinner is provided by the WUCC.  They also organize the Kinder Orientation at the beginning of the school year and assist with Staff appreciation week coordinated by the Headroom parents. This is a great program that allows volunteers to meet other parents and the teachers in the school. Parent volunteers on this committee will also need to have a Food Handlers Certificate from the Oregon Department of Human Services. 

    The recycling program, at West union, collects three different products: newspapers, printer ink cartridges, and cell phone batteries. The money earned, from this program, helps fund various programs, events and special purchases for the students at West Union. The used ink cartridges and cell phone are collected in the office area, while the newspapers are collected behind the school, in the large blue recycling drop-box.  Please measure your newspapers in 7 or 8 inch stacks.  Please do not put brown paper sacks, plastic objects or wrap, strings or ANY foreign objects in the newspaper bin…JUST newspapers.  Fill out the newspaper reporting slip in the office with your student’s name so they will be given credit toward prizes throughout the year. Please contact the school office or Recycling Chair-person with any questions or suggestions.

    Student Directory
    The Student Directory & Calendar are provided by the West Union Community Club as a service to the parents and students of West Union, These invaluable publications keep the school community informed and connected. The Committee Chair’s on these programs holds a cover art contest in the spring for the following year's calendar.  The calendar and the directory are compiled during the spring and late summer, and then sent out to print before Back to School Night.  Time is also spent at the beginning of the school year working with the Principal, Office Manager and Community Club to list all school events on the Calendar and works with the Office Manager to compile the School Directory.  The documents are created in MS Publisher, MS Word and MS Excel. Parent volunteers wanting to assist this very important project for the school can contact the current program committee chair or a Community Club board member.

    This Community Club program gives the kids & parent’s a chance to show there school spirit by purchasing t-shirts, sweaters and other items.  Students are encouraged to wear their shirts every Friday to show their school pride. Committee Chairs running this program keep products available and/or makes special orders for parents.  Money earned, from this program, keep our shelves stocked and ready for parents.  Parent volunteers wanting to assist with this program can contact the current program committee chair or a Community Club board member. Click here to order West Union Appareal

    Ham Dinner
    The 68th Annual Ham Dinner is back! Come join us on November 11, 2016 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm for a traditional ham dinner, catered by Reedville Catering, with all the fixin's! Tickets are available here (click link) or at the school between 2:05 and 3:15! Quantities are limited, so be sure to buy them early! Adults $10 Children $8 Ham Dinner History Started in 1952 the West Union Community Club has been hosting a Ham Dinner, typically hosted on Veterans Day.   People from all around, come to West Union and enjoy a Ham Dinner with the traditional fixings along with pie and great entertainment from the local schools.  The kids help by decorating the school with posters and serving the patrons attending the dinner.  This is a community event (not a fundraiser), where your family can dine on an affordable & delicious ham dinner that is served by the students, patrons can then head to the gym for some local entertainment! Mrs. Bennett who started the Ham Dinner 1952 years ago passed away in 2005 along with her husband.  Mrs. Bennett typically attended the Ham Dinner to share her stories of West Union.  She and her husband will be greatly missed but will always be a memory in everyone's heart especially as we celebrate this wonderful tradition. In Loving Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett.

    A kid-favorite event! The gym, hallways and classrooms are transformed into game rooms of all kinds. Prizes, fun dinner food and friends make this night a winner! All games are run by students and their parents doing various shifts at the games. So lots of volunteers are needed. Committee chairs organizing this event will be given a continuity book explaining where games are usually set up in the gym and/or classrooms. You will probably spend two full days setting up, running event and tearing down putting games back in storage for next year. You will also be given a list of Parent volunteers to call that stated their willingness to help at the beginning of the school year that you can call. Having a great time at this event typically held in January is a guarantee! All proceeds go directly into the WUCC general fund to support all of the wonderful non-profit events held during the year and other special purchases for the kids of West Union!  If you can think of any new games that we can build or buy to enhance this event please contact the Committee Chair.  See you at the Carnival! See photos from previous carnival events.

    The largest of the fundraisers held annually.  Parent volunteers start meeting and planning our auction in early October and complete with the auction held in early March. There are various jobs and time commitments available to fit into your schedule. All proceeds go directly into the WUCC general fund to support all of the wonderful non-profit events and programs that are held during the year to enhance and enrich our children’s educational experiences! Auction Project ParentsAuction Project Parents will help the kids in your class to create an auction project that is auctioned off during the oral auction in March. 2010 Classroom projectAuction Basket Parents - Auction Basket Parents along with the teacher and kids come up with a theme basket to be auctioned off by raffle at the March auction.  You will contact your class parents and collect donations. There will be a basket wrapping party to get them ready for the auction. 2010 Baskets.

    Book Fair
    Committee Chairs for this event work with Scholastic Books to organize fundraiser’s to buy books for the School Library. This fun event allows you to buy books and other items for your kids through scholastic books and a portion of the proceeds goes back to West Union. Parent volunteers wanting to assist with this program can contact the current program committee chair or a Community Club board member. Fall '09 Bookfair.

    Art Literacy
    No experience needed to be an Art Literacy volunteer!  Just join us once a month to learn about various artists, arts movements, or popular techniques, and then spend an hour sharing this experience with your child’s class. All materials and clear instructions are provided.  If you know how to hold a pencil and paintbrush, this job is for you!  

    Box Tops
    Collecting Box Tops is an on-going fundraiser for the Community Club’s general fund, students simply collect "Box Tops from General Mills products (worth l0¢ each) and turn them into their teacher. Highest class total wins prizes! The money earned, from this program, helps fund various programs, events and special purchases for the students at West Union. Committee Chairs coordinating this program are responsible for keeping everyone at the school informed, generating enthusiasm, by collecting and submitting Box Tops for our school to receive earnings checks from General Mills. You can also check out how West Union Elementary school is doing by logging on to www.boxtops4education.com and read all about this wonderful program.

    Run 4 Fun

    Technology Fundraiser
    Traditionally held in the fall, this fundraiser's profits goes toward supporting the school's computer/technology needs not covered by the district. A technology committee is formed every year to see how the money can best be used by either upgrading old, buying new computers, or what ever?  The end result is a win; win for our kids at West Union. 

    The Yearbook is a Great keep sake for your child. The Community Club has purchased digital cameras in each classroom for Teachers and Parent volunteers to use throughout the school year. The year book Committee chair downloads and files the pictures to compile into the yearbook. The yearbook is a great way for your child to remember their year’s at West Union Elementary! We also appreciate any digital pictures, parents would like to donate. Please keep in mind that not all of the pictures taken will make the year book. Parent volunteers wanting to assist with this program can contact the current program committee chair or a Community Club board member.