Yes! The first day of in-person learning is here!

    Are you arriving to school in our drop-off loop? 

    Check out this short video to preview: https://youtu.be/X_j6L7OZF9 

    Are you arriving to school on the bus? 

    Check out this short video to preview: https://youtu.be/w6K1mV35Wak 

    Are you arriving by bike, scooter, or walking feet? Enter through the main office double doors to enter into the cafeteria for breakfast OR go straight to our new gym if you choose not to eat breakfast at school.

    Both of our arrival spaces inside our school have "dot spots." Choose a dot spot and have a seat until an adult dismisses you to your classroom when the bell rings at 7:40am. Teachers will be ready for you in their hallway by their classroom door and school starts at 7:45am! 

    Come prepared with masks (not gators or face shields), a full water bottle, and any school supplies. 

    Dismissal will be at 2:05pm and students will get on the bus, get picked up, or walk/bike/scooter from the same places in which they arrived. We have staff strategically placed in specific spaces and places to help streamline transitions. 

    The students will also get to enjoy some additional special guest greeters tomorrow morning! Some North Plains "swag" will come home as well! 

    Cheers to a successful, FUN start to our 2021-22 school year! 

    Kellie Petrick
    North Plains Elementary
    Hillsboro School District 1J
    We actively acknowledge the location of our school site on the traditional lands of the Atfalati Kalapuya Tribe. 
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