Donations and Fundraising for HSD Staff

  • To the right are links to items that should be helpful as your school, clubs, and/or teams endeavor to fundraise and accept donations. Please review the information and contact Beth Graser in Communications or Michelle Morrison in the Business Office if you have questions.

Fundraising Staff Guidelines

    • If you are considering raising funds for an activity or project, please review HSD’s Fundraising Guidelines. Once you have authorization from your administrator, there are several options for you to get your message out.
    • Your project can be created as an item in your school’s or the District’s Web Store with a link that can be shared with supporters. The District absorbs Web Store fees for donation contributions.
    • You may also be able to establish a GoFundMe campaign with the assistance of your Office Manager. However, with GoFundMe, the fees are deducted from donation contributions and must be fully disclosed to donors.
    • Staff should never establish an external bank account or use their own to collect money for a fundraiser. Please contact your office manager for more information.