Resource Conservation

  • Resource conservation is an important initiative in the Hillsboro School District. By monitoring and managing our use of electricity, natural gas, and water, we can reduce our consumption, save money, and use resources wisely. In addition, by lowering our usage of electricity and natural gas, we are reducing our carbon dioxde emissions, enhancing healthy learning and working environments. The Hillsboro School District strives to understand, educate, and practice sustainability strategies in collaboration with our community stakeholders.

Monthly Green Theme

  • August: Wildlife

    The Earth's flora and fauna are at their most spectular in the summer time. We humans are especially privileged to share resources with the land around us. How can we reduce our impact on wildlife habitats and ecosystems?

    Here are a few ideas:

    • Look, listen and learn. Be a backyard explorer and discover more about the animal and plant life close to home. 
    • Grow native plants. Native plants support healthy habitats and biodiversity. Do you know what plants are native to our Oregon landscape? 
    • Check the labels on your sun screen products. Sun screen is vital protection for human skin, but did you know that these products greatly impact our water systems? 
    • Pass on taking a plastic straw! Family picnics, amusement parks, camping... we all look forward to these activities during the summer. You can make a HUGE impact by simply NOT using a plastic straw in your drink. Read more on this link to the Wildlife Conservation Society:
    • Birds, bats and butterflies. Oh, my!. Hillsboro is blessed to have Jackson Bottom Wetlands in our community. Go to their website to learn more about building homes for these critters. 
    • Visit the Oregon Zoo. Of course! This is a favorite destination during the summer. After visiting all the beautiful animals, consider learning about their conservation strategies and how small actions have huge impact on ecosystems. Remember to take conserve fossil fiels and take The MAX!


Did You Know?

  • How does HSD measure up in terms of resource conservation?

    What conservation strategies can be found in our buildings?

    Special announcements and recognition