Elementary Report Card

  • The Hillsboro School District's report card for elementary students that is designed to give parents more detailed information on how their child is progressing in their understanding of the grade-level standards being taught.

    Report cards are now several pages long and are organized by subject area (click here to see the 3rd grade report card).  Within each subject area, you’ll see standards grouped in clusters.  Each standard is then written in an easier to understand “I can” statement that provides information about what is expected of students in that area by the end of the year.  The mark for the cluster allows you to know how your child is progressing related to the standards checked under the mark.

    Not all standards can be taught each quarter, so parents may see entire sections with an “x” in quarter 1 because they haven’t gotten to those lessons yet.  By the same token, seeing that a child “meets” or “exceeds” in quarter 1 doesn’t necessarily mean they already know how to do everything within a certain cluster—it merely means they are on track to master those skills by the end of the year.

    There is also a page at the end of the report card where teachers can write comments about how well the child is doing in class each quarter.  We hope these improvements will make the elementary report cards more informative and meaningful for parents, students and teachers alike as they partner to ensure all students leave elementary school academically at or above grade level.

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