Aug. 19, 2019

  • The dropoff areas and parking lot have been paved and striped.

    Photo 1: the striping shows dropoff and through lanes for buses (nearest the school) and a separate exit to the west, and two lanes for parent vehicles (dropoff lane and through lane).

    aerial view of Jackson dropoffs

    Photo 2: an additional parking lot to the right of the entrance provides spaces for staff and visitors.

    aerial view of parking lot


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Aug. 12, 2019

  • Photo 1: as asphalt is poured into the paver, it is deposited and leveled to a specific depth; crew members ensure a smooth installation. The roller will compact the asphalt even more.

    asphalt paving of parking lot

    Photo 2: the dropoffs/parking lots prior to paving; the gravel and soil have been compacted to prepare for the paving.

    aerial view of dropoffs/parking lot before paving

July 29, 2019

  • Aerial views show how the dropoffs and parking lot areas are beginning to be outlined with concrete curbs.

    Aerial view of dropoff construction

    Aerial view of parking lot construction

July 19, 2019

  • Photos 1 and 2: aerial views of the grading and compaction of the bus and parent dropoff area and the new staff/visitor parking lot.

    aerial view of dropoff area

    aerial view of staff/visitor parking area

    Photo 3: crew members prepare a hole to place the concrete base for a parking lot light pole.

    installation of light pole base

July 8, 2019

  • Photos 1 and 2: The front sidewalk is being excavated.

    Sidewalk excavation

    Sidewalk excavation

    Photo 3: Stormwater pipe will be installed in trenches below the parking lot.

    Stormwater pipe and trench

July 1, 2019

  • Photos 1 and 2: excavation and grading of the dropoffs/parking lot for parents (1) and for buses and staff (2) are underway.

    Jackson parent dropoff/parking lot

    Jackson bus dropoff/staff parking lot

    Photo 3: the reconstruction of Jacob's Field is nearly complete. The infield area has been graded and graveled; it is now awaiting the turf installation.

    Jacob's Field reconstruction

June 18, 2019

  • The southeast ball field is being excavated to prepare for construction of the new parking lot area. A replacement field is currently being built in the northeast corner of the campus.

    Jackson parking lot construction site

    Jackson replacement ball field construction 

July 19, 2018

  • Due to delays in the permitting process, the parent/bus dropoff project has been postponed to summer 2019. The relocation of Jacob's Field is also being rescheduled.

June 26, 2018

  • Equipment mobilized for Jackson dropoff project

    A backhoe and excavator have been mobilized and stand ready to begin the remodel of Jackson's parent/bus dropoff area, which is expected to be completed by the end of August.


  • Aug. 16, 2019 - paving and striping of the dropoff/parking area have begun.

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  • June 18, 2019 - excavation of the site of the new dropoffs has begun.

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