WOU Scholars Program: What is it?

  • The WOU Bilingual Teacher Scholars Program ("WOU Scholars") is a collaboration between Hillsboro School District and Western Oregon University that provides university education for students who would like to become Spanish-English bilingual teachers. Financial aid and paid summer internships are provided to qualifying students. Graduates receive first preference for interviews and future employment in HSD schools, allowing them to return and make a difference in their community.

    Introducción: Reclutamiento de HSD WOU Scholars

Requirements and Deadlines

  • Don't delay!

    You must meet the following requirements and deadlines to be considered for entrance into the WOU Scholars program this coming fall:

    On track   for high school graduation
    Bilingual   Spanish and English
    by January 15   apply to WOU
    by February 15   apply to program

Program Information

Program Benefits

    • Extensive financial aid opportunities for all qualifying students
    • Monthly professional development activities
    • Focus on academic success and dual language development
    • High-quality advising, mentorship, tutoring and test prep support
    • Paid summer internships in HSD
    • Preference in interviewing and placement of qualified educators in HSD after graduation
    • Return to HSD and make a difference in your community!