2021 Licensed Bargaining Briefs

  • On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, the Hillsboro School District began contract negotiations with the Hillsboro Education Association. Follow-up meetings took place on June 2 and 16, then paused for the summer and restarted on Tuesday, September 21. We will continue meeting for bargaining sessions until an agreement is reached. Our goal is to establish a collaborative process that will allow us to settle on a contract that is beneficial to students and staff, and that is fiscally responsible for our community.

    Linked below are Bargaining Briefs summarizing meetings between the District's and HEA's bargaining teams.

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December 15, 2021

  • HEA Initial Proposals/Counter-Proposals

    • Article 5 - Unit Member Work Day/Work Year
      • 192 day work year for licensed staff
      • Additional paid days for counselors to work in the summer
      • 1 full teacher work day at the end of each quarter
      • 460 minutes of prep time per week at the elementary level
    • Article 15 - Salary
      • COLA
        • Year 1 = 6%
        • Year 2 = 4%
        • Year 3 = 4%
      • Retention payment for licensed staff at the top of the schedule for one year
        • Year 1 = 2%
        • Year 2 = 1%
        • Year 3 = 1%
    • Article 16 - Employee Benefits
      • District paid contribution for health insurance - an additional $60 each year for the next 3 years.
      • Increase opt-out payment to $360.

    HSD Counter-Proposals

    • Article 1 - Recognition
      • For positions greater than 60 but less than 191, the district can place a sub into the position and roll them into temporary status after 20 student contact days.
    • Article 8 - Unit Member Absences
      • Counselors, EL Specialists and Resource Specialists shall be paid the hourly teaching rate for subbing for another employee.
      • Current contract language on emergency closures.
    • Article 11 - Leaves
      • Employees may donated the two sick days they are allowed to use for personal reasons to the sick leave bank.
    • Article 19 - Miscellaneous Provisions
      • Contract Printing - The parties will mutually agree to a printing quantity and process and will split the cost. 

November 30, 2021

  • HEA Proposals/Counter Proposals

    • Article 1 - Recognition
      • For temporary positions open between 60 days and less than 191 days, the District may choose to forego the interview process and place a sub in the position. After 10 days of consecutive subbing, the sub will be rolled into temporary status.
    • Article 8 - Unit Member Absences
      • All staff members covering for another colleague when no sub is available will receive pay at the hourly teaching rate.
      • Inclement weather - first two days will not be made up. After two days, the district may declare a day to be remote learning after 8 hours of transition time provided to teachers. 
    • Article 19 - Miscellaneous Provisions
      • Contract Printing - Parties will mutually agree to a printing quantity and process. 

    HSD Proposals/Counter Proposals

    • Article 12 - Vacancies and Transfers
      • Clarifying language and edits regarding transfers as opposed to in-building changes of assignment.
      • Change from August 15th to August 5th regarding who gets extended contract hours when receiving a 50% change of assignment. 
    • Article 13 - Reduction in Force
      • Modifies language to align with ORS 342.934.
    • Article 14 - Grievance Procedure
      • Adds language than an equity grievance is a contention by a unit member or group of unit members that there has been a violation, misrepresentation, or erroneous application of District policy.

November 9, 2021

  • HSD Proposals

    • Article 5 - Unit Member Work Year/Work Day
      • Ability of principals to designate specific locations for staff to collaborate during teacher-directed academic seminars.
      • Only EL and SPED specialists with case management responsibilities will receive additional prep time for case management responsibilities. 
    • Article 15 - Salary
      • Step Advancement = 4.2% per year
      • General Salary Increase = 2.5% per year
      • Step + GSI = 6.7% increase per year
    • Article 16 - Employee Benefits
      • District insurance contribution increase = $25/year
    • Article 4 - Association Rights
      • Agreed to language that notifes the Association at least 30 days in advance of policy changes.
      • In addition to an exit survey, employees who resign may also request an exit interview with HR.

    HEA Proposals

    • Article 7 - Safety and Student Discipline
      • Did no agree with previous HSD proposal to change procedures when excluding a student from class.
      • HSD will provide the Association with each building's discipline plan before the first student day each year. 

October 19, 2021

  • HEA Initial/Counter Proposals

    • Article 3 - Unit Member Rights and Responsibilities
      • Rejected HSD's proposed language on Political Activities/Employee Expression. 
      • Unit members will be notified whenever something is added to their working file. 
      • Per diem pay for anyone who participates in grading related to the extended credit window.
      • Additional language around paid administrative leave. 
    • Article 6 - Unit Member Workload
      • Cap sizes on caseloads for special education educators.
      • No secondary teacher will be assigned more than three preps per grading period.
      • New language around new students, conferences, and split classrooms.
    • Article 11 - Leaves
      • Changes to the personal leave donation bank to allow members to also donate their sick days.
      • More than 3 consecutive personal days may be used. 

October 5, 2021

  • HSD Proposals:

    • Article 19 - Miscellaneous Provisions
      • Parameters around printing copies of the contract to reduce the amount of paper used.
    • Article 1 - Recognition
      • Allows the district to forgo the interview process after August 15 and place a sub in the position for 30 days prior to hiring them as a temporary employee. 
    • Article 8 - Unit Member Absences
      • Expands compensation for elementary paid classroom coverage to include EL Specialists and Resource Specialists.
      • District may declare a remote learning day during an inclement weather situation.

    HEA Proposals:

    • Article 9 - Unit Member Evaluation
      • Additional requirements to the evaluation process including professional development, training for new hires, principal training.
      • Lists reasons that employees can be put on-cycle for two years in a row.
    • Article 13 - Reduction in Force
      • Altered language regarding new ORS relating to RIFs.
    • Article 14 - Grievance Procedure
      • Counter-proposed that the Equity Grievance language remains in the contract. 

September 21, 2021

  • HSD Proposals

    • Article 6 - Unit Member Workload
      • Elimination of the 288 minutes of student contact time and replace with language that states "Should the District intend to increase student contact time at the secondary level, it shall notify the Association and will bargain upon demand pursuant."
      • Changing the language regarding elementary PE/Music schedules and breaks from three consecutive sections to four consecutive sections without a break
    • Article 7 - Safety and Discipline
      • Clarifies and adjusts protocols when students are excluded from classrooms due to behavior
    • Article 13 - Reduction in Force
      • Updates language to reflect Oregon law, which requires cultural and linguistic experiences to be a factor in RIFs

    HEA Proposals

    • Article 5 - Unit Member Work Year/Work Day
      • The addition of Juneteenth as a paid holiday
      • Ability to work from home during grading days and work days. Work days at the end of each quarter
      • Increase to two days of prep at the beginning and end of the year
      • No voluntary meetings during No Meeting Weeks
      • Elementary - 460 minutes of prep time per week
      • Master schedule will be completed by the building administrator by June 1
    • Article 12 - Vacancies and Transfers
      • Requirement that 30% of candidates interviewed for a position are internal
      • Creates additional definition of involuntary transfer
      • Anyone who receives a change in assignment is compensated with three days to prepare for it

Licensed Bargaining Updates

2021 Licensed Bargaining Teams

  • Hillsboro School District

    • Kona Lew-Williams, Human Resources Officer
    • Brian Hungerford, HSD Attorney
    • Erika Lopez, HSD Board Member
    • Brian Haats, Director of Human Resources
    • Michelle Morrison, Chief Financial Officer
    • Elaine Fox, Executive Director of Student Services
    • Audrea Neville, Executive Director of Schools
    • Roger Will, Principal of R.A. Brown Middle School
    • David Vickery, Principal of Hillsboro High School
    • Teresa Vásquez, Principal of Groner K-8
    • Kelsey Culligan, Human Resources Specialist

    Hillsboro Education Association

    • Jill Golay, HEA President
    • Sarah Moskoff, OEA Uniserv
    • Lisa Tanedo, HEA Bargaining Chair, Social Studies Teacher at Evergreen Middle School
    • Christine Estep, 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher at Ladd Acres Elementary School
    • Elizabeth Nahl, Child Development Specialist at McKinney Elementary School
    • David Juster, Language Arts Teacher at Hillsboro High School
    • Abby Jones, 5th Grade Teacher at Witch Hazel Elementary School
    • Olson Miller, 4th Grade Teacher at Witch Hazel Elementary School
    • Robert Justiniano, Elementary Resource Specialist at Free Orchards Elementary School
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