Smarter Balanced Testing Window Opens

  • April 2, 2018 - State achievement tests are required in U.S. public schools, but they do more than just generate data. These computer-based assessments provide meaningful feedback that teachers can use to help students be successful learners and become prepared for college and/or a career.

    HSD’s window for Smarter Balanced assessments is April 2 through June 8, 2018, for students in grades 3-8 and 11. Each school determines its own calendar for testing within those dates and will communicate details to students and parents so to help students get ready.

    Here are a few tips for parents:

    • Mark the testing dates on your calendar so you know in advance when those days are coming and can help your student arrive at school ready to test.
    • Help your student take the practice test in advance (
    • Make sure your student gets a good night’s sleep and eats a healthy breakfast on test days.
    • Encourage your student to do their best on the test and not to worry or become frustrated. Students do not “pass” or “fail” these tests. The tests simply measure current knowledge to help schools improve instruction.
    • Contact your student’s teacher or the school principal with questions or concerns about testing.

    For additional information and tips about state testing, click the appropriate link below: