• Who Is Taking Care of Your Athlete?

    Dear Parents and Gaurdians,

    My name is Angella Bond, and I am the Athletic Trainer at Liberty High School.  I have been with the LHS Falcons Athletic Program since 2004.  I am an employee of Tuality Community Hospital, a partner of OHSU, and have been employed there since 2003.  Most of my time is spent at the high school with your children, but I also work in the physical therapy department, as well as with the orthopedic physicians in their office.  In the summer I have helped to develop a summer program called Tuality AIM, which helps look at an individual’s functional movement, running technique, and strength/agility.  Outside of the high school I am a sports fan and have participated in many sports, which led to playing soccer and swimming in college.  I am also a mother to 2 amazing girls, and married to my wonderful husband.  We love the outdoors and being together on adventures.

    There are 4 athletic trainers in the Hillsboro School District, and have about 1100 hours per year in the school (550 purchased by HSD, and 550 donated by Tuality), not including playoff hours that are donated by Tuality.  Since I am not here full time I am not able to attend all events that take place on campus.  In the fall I attend all home football games and travel with varsity away, home soccer, volleyball (when soccer is not home), and cross country as possible.  In the winter I attend home basketball and wrestling events.  In the spring I attend home track, softball and baseball as possible.

    Within our Sports Medicine Program we also have access to physicians, as well as a team of wonderful physical therapists.  If your athlete is happens to get injured, we have many ways to help get them into a specialist to have them looked at.  Our physicians and physical therapists have the ability to work with us and get the athlete seen as soon as possible.

    In the training room I am able to assess, treat, and rehabilitate injuries to athletes at the high school.  As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I am trained to care for most medical problems your son/daughter may experience while they are playing sport(s) of his/her choice.  Please understand that there are about 20 sports and close to 800-1000 athletes that participate throughout the year.  I try to attend as many events as possible and learn about each athlete and their medical history, buy I may miss some.  I know that some injuries take place away or don’t appear till after athletes have gone home.  If the athlete is comfortable I can see them the next school day after school, but I understand that some injuries need to be seen by a physician, the urgent care, or the emergency room.  If that does happen we ask that your athlete return with a note either clearing them or withholding them from a sport, and the diagnosed injury.  Please remind the physician to put the diagnosis on the prescription, so that we can better help them return to their sport.  Also, know that your athlete may be withheld until your athlete is functionally able to get back safely to their sport. 

    The athletic training room will be open most days after school, unless there is an unplanned absence, or I if have to leave early for another sporting event (happens mostly in the spring).  If an athlete has and injury that needs to be evaluated, they are expected to check in with their coach and then come in to the training room.  Athletes that are leaving for events are given first priority, then those who are currently being treated, then those with new evaluations.  I will do my best to communicate with you if the injury is going to need further evaluation by a physician or if they will need to be out of competition for a period of time. 

    Lastly, concussions are an unfortunate part of sports.  The Tuality Sports Medicine has put together a comprehensive protocol to return your athlete safely back to sport based on the current guidelines set forth by Max’s Law in Oregon and our governing body, NATA.  After a suspected concussion, athletes are removed from play and evaluated, by either an athletic trainer or a physician, at the soonest possible time.  If it is deemed that the athlete has a concussion, they will start a return to play protocol.  Parent/coaches/and school officials will be notified at the earliest possible time.  If the athlete is having problems working in the classroom with a diagnosed concussion, I will help facilitate any classroom accommodations that the athlete might need, and guide them through the daily return to play criteria.  Also please advocate for your athlete with their counselors and teachers if they need help in the classroom.  The athlete is required to get a physician’s note for full clearance before they return to full contact.  Athletes will also take the ImPact test, which is a computer based test that helps us look at the athlete’s cognitive skills.  You may ask to receive a copy of the concussion protocol at any time. 

    I look forward to the coming seasons and working with your athletes, both on and off the field.  If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me at the high school.


    Have a great season and GO FALCONS!


    Angella Bond, AT/LMT

    Liberty High School Athletic Trainer

    Tuality Sports Medicine Team

    A partner with OHSU


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    Angie Bond
    Athletic Trainer

    HSD number: 503.844.1250 x7096
    Tuality 7th Ave Physical Therapy Clinic 503.681.4238



  • Fall Practices: 3 PM- 7 PM

    Winter Practices: 3 PM - 7:15 PM

    Spring Practices: 3 PM - 6:30 PM

    Game days vary depending on when games start/finish

Event Coverage

  • Football: Varsity-- all home and away, JV-- all home, Frosh -- as hours allowed

    Soccer: Men's and women's -- Varsity home games, JV as available

    Basketball: Men's and Women's:  Varsity home games, Lower levels as hours allow.

    Wrestling: All home competitions

    Track: All home competitions

    Baseball/Softball:  On Non track days and as our hours remain, an AT will alternate between Varsity SB and BB as hours remain.  Lower levels as hours are available. 

    Other competitions will be covered as hours remain and decided between the AT and Athletic Director.

    Play-offs and State Competitions as needed:  Coverage will be supplied separately by Tuality and not taken from the 1100 allotted coverage.