Committee Members

  • The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee members are residents of the Hillsboro School District and were appointed to serve by the School Board on March 13, 2018. These are the currently active members:

    • Chair: Matthew Buckingham, News Copy Editor, Willamette Week
    • Vice Chair: Patrick Preston, Public Affairs Manager, City of Hillsboro
    • Sonja Ackman, Research Program Manager, OHSU
    • Maureen Barnhart, retired
    • Peter Brandom, City Manager, City of Cornelius
    • Matthew Costigan, Senior Project Manager, Washington County
    • William Caleb Ford, Assistant Finance Director, Metro
    • Holly Robison, homemaker/storyteller
    • Jeff Sarafa, Finance Director
    • Kevin Zuercher, Recreation Supervisor, City of Hillsboro


    Application process (Jan. 2 - Feb. 16, 2018)

Bond Contacts