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  • Timeline for Evergreen


Scope of Work

  • Please note that the preliminary site plan/design, project costs, and schedules may fluctuate due to cost of materials and labor, unforeseen and/or revised scope, conditions at the site, and other factors. Projected budget: $23.0 million

    Spring/Summer 2019 - 2020

    Building renovations will allow Evergreen to add capacity for 200 additional students to accommodate the expected growth in enrollment at the school, mainly due to development in the North Plains and Cornelius areas.

    • Addition

    Evergreen Middle School will be adding an 18,000 square-foot wing that will house a new library/media center and classrooms (see site plans section for proposed architectural renderings). The new space takes advantage of natural daylight and includes a plaza area that encourages gathering. Due to permit delays, expected completion has been changed to April 2020.

    • Building Improvements

    An improved main entrance with secure entry is one of several safety/security measures that will be constructed in the existing building. Upgrades to roofing and HVAC as well as an expansion of the commons area also will be implemented. The aging chiller will be replaced. Construction may start as early as April 2019, with substantial completion before staff returns in mid-August 2019.

    • Flexible Furniture

    With the addition of new flexible furniture (FFE) in summer 2020, these renovations will provide students and staff modernized infrastructure, technology and an enhanced learning environment.

  • Project Manager

    Cornerstone Management Group

    • Addition/renovations: Casey Cunningham


    • Addition/renovations: Soderstrom Architects


    • Addition/renovations: P&C Construction