Standard Response Protocol

    • The District has adopted the Standard Response Protocol or SRP to respond to the four most common emergency actions - lockout, lockdown, evacuate, shelter in place.
    • Definitions and actions:
      • Lockdown  is when there is a suspected threat inside the building requiring that all rooms housing students, staff and visitors be locked. All exterior doors should be secured. All staff members are empowered to activate a lockdown if they witness a threat.  
      • Lockout  is when there is a suspected threat outside the building, requiring that all building entrances be locked and secure. Classrooms that open directly to the outside and not to an interior hallway should lock their door and not let anyone in or out. All staff members are empowered to activate a lockout of they witness a threat.
      • Earthquake - when you feel the ground shake, keep calm and immediately take protective actions: Duck, Cover, Hold on and then evacuate when shaking stops.
      • Reverse Evacuation is used to help get students and staff back into the building when it is dangerous to remain outside.
      • Shelter in Place is a short term measure implemented when there is a need to isolate students and staff from the outdoor environment or to prevent injury or exposure to airborne contaminants. Additional steps needed depend on the specific hazard. Possible hazards may include but are not limited to a wind storm, earthquake or hazardous chemical spill.