Brookwood Bazaar

  • The Brookwood Bazaars are fundraisers for Brookwood Elementary School.  The table fees will help support classrooms.  The holiday bazaar will be held in November and the spring bazaar will be held in April.  





    The Bazaar originally scheduled for Saturday, 11/5 from 9:00am to 3:00pm has been CANCELLED. The Boosters are working to connect with all vendors who have submitted payments, to ensure fees are returned. 

      The school is located at 3960 SE Cedar Street, Hillsboro. The set-up time will be on Saturday morning from 7:00-8:45 am. Please be sure your booth is completely setup and ready to go by 9 am and your car is parked outside the parking lot (leaving room for shoppers to park).  There will be volunteers available to direct you to your assigned locations.  This bazaar is located inside in the Gym, Cafeteria and main Hallway.

    We will be advertising this event through the community newspapers, TV station event calendars, yard signs, banner on the school and district fences, reader board in front of the school, school and district websites, flyers sent home with all the children, flyer posted on the school bulletin board, sandwich boards set up on major roads leading to the school, Craigslist and store flyers. I will include a store flyer for you.  Please feel free to post or make copies and put them at up at stores and businesses you frequent or give them to your friends and neighbors. 

    We are offering three sizes of space rental; a single space of 5x7 for $25.00, a double space of 5x14 for $40.00 and a triple space of 5x21 for $55.00. There will be two chairs supplied for each space and one 6' table per each space included in the price.  If you do not wish to have a table you can indicate that on your application.  The price will be the same either way.   Checks are made payable to Brookwood Boosters.

    You must return your application with payment to reserve your space.  The application must be returned either to the school office or by mail.  There are a very limited number of spaces with electrical outlets available. If you would like one, please indicate this on the form, and we will assign them on a first-come basis.  If you are a direct sales consultant, please contact our planner before mailing your application and payment.  We don't allow for dupliate direct sales tables.

    If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions as to how we can better serve you, please feel free to contact    . We look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Your space rental will support classrooms at Brookwood Elementary School.  We are pleased to announce that our school book fair will continue to be combined with this event to increase attendance!

    Thanks for your participation!



    Brookwood Bazaar
    3960 SE Cedar Street
    Hillsboro, OR 97123