The goal of our comprehensive counseling program is to provide all students with the necessary knowledge and support to assist them in making decisions about their future, both short and long-term. School counselors help students identify, plan for, and achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. We support all students through a combination of classroom guidance lessons, small-group counseling sessions and individual student planning.  We also help identify systemic barriers students face and advocate for closing the opportunity gaps in collaboration with families and community partners to ensure that all students have access to the academic, career, social, and emotional supports necessary to succeed.


    We believe…

    • All students deserve a quality education that meets their individualized needs, are doing the best they can, and have a right to a safe space.
    • Students benefit from a comprehensive school counseling program within a caring and supportive school climate.
    • Quality programming is collaborative, inclusive, and data-driven.
    • Our counseling program is best when it addresses systems and resources to advocate and support students in the three counseling domains: academic, personal/social, and career.
    • Every student’s educational plan looks different, as does their post-secondary plan.
    • Students are best served when school staff are empathetic, compassionate, open-minded, and practice self--awareness consistently. 


    Our role is to….

    • Promote student holistic wellness and development 
    • Listen to student and family voice 
    • Challenge systemic barriers 
    • Provide wraparound support
    • Advocate for and with students
    • Provide culturally appropriate resources and referrals
  • Who is your counselor?

    Oak Street Campus counselors are assigned by program:

    OSC Programs

    Annie Wynne

    Early College Class of 2024

    Jem Wong

    Early College Class of 2025

    Kimberly Wismar

     School to Career Specialist & Teen Parent Teacher

    Stephen Moreno

    Pathways Center School to Career Specialist

    Therese Rice

    Student Support Wellness Counselor

    Courtney Graves

    Admin Support

    Carol Howarth


    Oralia Aguilar-Becerra