HOA Project Cost Estimates

  • These are the original estimates as presented in the bond promise. Scope may be added or subtracted as needs warrant and as opening up of buildings determines the full scope of needs. Project budgets will increase or decrease accordingly as well as adjust for prevailing costs of materials and labor. The project scope page has the most current information.

    Goal / Project

    Estimated Cost

    security camera Prioritize Safety and Security

    School safety upgrades

    • Interior door locks
    • Security cameras
    • Improve line of sight from office to front door
    • Card key access - exterior doors


    School seismic upgrades


    building under construction Renovate and Repair Aging Schools

    Current infrastructure improvements

    • Roofing


    • 615,953

    computer monitor; technology Provide a Modern Education for Every Student

    Educational Technology (classroom)

    • Staff and student devices


    Student Achievement

    • Career-technical education/career-related learning infrastructure
      • Criminal justice/public service


    Total Investment