Types of Financial Aid

  • Scholarships
    Money that does not have to be paid back. Awarded on the basis of merit, skill, a unique characteristic, athletics, community involvement or need.

    Money that does not have to be paid back. Usually awarded on the basis of financial need.

    Money students and parents borrow to pay for college expenses. Repayment usually begins after education is finished. However arrangements can be made to make payments while the student is in school. Look at loans as an investment in the future. Only borrow what is needed.

    Work Study
    Allows students to earn money to help pay for college costs. Student may earn a pay check or non-monetary compensation such as room and board.

    Hilhi Family Financial Aid Night
    10/10 and 10/23 our Counseling/Career Department will host a Financial Aid Evening. Financial Aid experts will be on hand to explain the federal financial aid process and to answer questions. Date and time of event will be posted on the Hilhi Calendar.