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Hilhi Career & College Pathways

Hilhi Career & College Pathways
Hilhi Career & College Pathways

Academic Expectations


    Hillsboro High School offers a comprehensive selection of courses in the areas of Arts & Communications, Business & Management, Health Services, Human Resources, International Baccalaureate, Industrial & Engineering Systems, Leadership, Natural Resource Systems, and Public Service.  Students have the opportunity to earn up to 32 credits over the 4 years they attend Hillsboro High School, this translates to 4 credits per semester or 8 credits per a year.  It is important to note that of the 32 credits, students only need 24 credits in order to receive a regular diploma.  However, this number may change depending on the diploma type.   


    Forecasting is the process of selecting classes you with to take during the next school year and beyond.  It is a plan that prepares you for college, work, and your goals for the future.  In order to be successful, it is important that you understand your graduation requirements, and identify courses that will help you satisfy these requirements while preparing you for you post-high school plan.  Below you can find a copy of Hillsboro High School's Course Catalog in English and Spanish. 

    Scheduling Policies

    Schedule change requests will be considered if:
    -One or more "No Forecast/See Counselor" appears in the schedule or a period is missing (if this is the case, it is likely that none of the electives or alternate choices were possible).
    -Extenuating circumstances exist.

    A student who drops a class after two weeks into the semester will receive a WF for the semester, regardless of the current grade in the class, unless the teacher or counselor indicated no penalty (WP) due to extenuating circumstances, in some cases a doctor's note may be required.  The WF will appear on his/her transcript and impact a student's GPA in the same way as a F. 
    HHS Grad Requirements

    Monitor Your Grades

    Hillsboro High School provides student and parents with online access to ParentVuUe and StudentVUE, a web-based application designed to monitor academic performance. 

    Academic Options

    Hillsboro High School and the Hillsboro School District work together to provide students with a variety of options to recover credit.  Please schedule an appointment with your counselor to discuss options.

    Graduation Requirements

    Graduation Requirements