Welcome to Hilhi support & wellness!

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    I'm Mrs. Herrera, our Support and Wellness Counselor.  I am here to support our students and families in all grades whether it be temporary or long-term.  In this role, I aim to be a safe, caring, consistent youth advocate who ultimately empowers students toward growth, well-being, and success.  Just some of the areas I can help students with are:
    - Stress
    - Anxiety
    - Problem-solving
    - Skill-building
    - Academic intervention

    - Emotional support
    - Accessing community resources 
    I am available from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Please feel free to see me on Wednesdays at lunch, or make an appointment with our counseling secretary.  I can also be reached at (503) 844-1988.  Hope to meet you soon!  :-) Mrs. Jacqueline Herrera

HHS Cares!

  • CARE Team is a time when stakeholders come together as partners at the table to brainstorm, discuss, problem-solve,
    and take action in response to student needs. 
    We support the greater HSD focus of adult advocate system, name/strength/need, keeping students on-track, increasing graduation rate, as well as
     the HilHi-5 strategies of interventions, guidance/counseling systems, and all kids CAN!