School Counseling Program

  • As a school counselor, my main focus is on advocating for all students in areas of their achievement, including academics, social-emotional development, and supporting college and career readiness. I achieve this through regular whole-class counseling lessons, individual short-term counseling, small group counseling, and consultation and collaboration with the school staff and parents. I am also the school contact person for Student Success Team and 504 Plans.

    Thank you for letting me be a part of your student's school experience!

    Ronda Gatewood
    Licensed School Counselor
    Office Phone: 503.844.1610 x4231
    Google Voice (call/text): 971.231.5115 




  • Mrs. G

    Ronda Gatewood

    Licensed School Counselor

    Witch Hazel Elementary School

    Office: 503-844-1610 x4231

    Google Voice (Call/text): 971-231-5115


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