Elementary School Health Instructional Materials

  • Second Step Child Protection Unit  In HSD our elementary schools teachers and counselors use the Second Step Child Protection Unit as a resource to teach Senate Bill 856 Erin’s Law and Sexaul Violence prevention.

    The curriculum includes training, lessons, and family resources developed to put research-based strategies in the hands of educators to create spaces safe for learning. Lessons extend beyond the classroom with materials and videos that help parents discuss personal safety with their children. The Child Protection Unit takes an integrated approach to child safety by providing training for every staff member and adult in our schools.

    Individual schools regularly communicate and provide parents with a schedule of lessons and we encourage families to work directly with their child’s teacher and principal if there are questions or concerns.

    “Opt Out” Exemption Procedures

    In the state of Oregon, OAR 581-022-1910 protects school districts’ right to exempt students from educational programs and activities in order to accommodate students’ religious beliefs and disabilities. In addition to legal protections for parents and students, Hillsboro School District respects the values and beliefs of our families. As parent/guardian, we encourage you to meet with your child’s health education teacher to discuss any concerns you have regarding the health curriculum.

    In accordance with the law, HSD will continue to allow parents (and students 18 and older and legally emancipated minors) to submit a written request to the school principal if they would like to “opt out” of specific learning activities.

    The following is a list of procedures for families and schools:

    1. Family contacts teacher and/or building administrator to discuss any areas of concern regarding the learning activities in question and/or review any of the curriculum materials.
    2. School personnel informs family regarding the requirements of a written request exemption as addressed in OAR 581-022-1910
    3. Building administrator evaluates proposal from family for approval
    4. Following the approval, and upon completion of the alternative learning activity, credit shall be granted to the student.