Sept. 13, 2019

  • West Union after bond construction:

    Photo 1: a new, secured entry is locked during the school day. Visitors and late students will be required to check into the main office.

    new, secured entry

    Photo 2: the elevator has been installed, providing ADA access between the lower and upper floors.

    new elevator

    Photo 3: framing and finishing behind the elevator on the lower floor produced a new SLC office.

    new SLC office

    Photo 4: fencing now surrounds the perimeter of the school play area and grounds.


    Photo 5: neat lines of conduit and fresh paint cover up the wiring, ductwork and seismic upgrades that went in the ceiling and behind the walls. The white beams in the middle of the hallway will be painted and decorated shortly.


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July 29, 2019

  • Photo 1: an elevator is being installed to improve ADA access.

    elevator installation

    Photo 2: new HVAC units are being installed throughout the building.

    new HVAC unit in library

    Photo 3: a crew members works on replacing domestic water pipe and lines.

    replacing domestic water pipe

    Photo 4: bracing in the walls of classrooms will bring them up to the "safe exit" seismic standard.

    seismic bracing in classroom

    Photo 5: the parking lot is being restriped.

    restriping the parking lot

July 16, 2019

  • Photo 1: the gym is undergoing seismic reinforcement to meet updated code requirements.

    seismic reinforcement in gym

    Photo 2: a pad area for electric utility connections is being constructed at the northeast edge of the building.

    electric utility pad construction

    Photo 3: new ventilation ducts have been installed in classrooms.

    ventilation ducts in a classroom

    Photo 4: bricks await installation in the bottom floor of the building, as mortar is mixed outside.

    bricks and mortar-mixing equipment

July 8, 2019

  • Photos 1 and 2: The building is undergoing roofing and seismic upgrades.

    Rooftop work

    Seismic upgrade in classroom

    Photos 3 and 4: Upgraded HVAC will add air conditioning to classrooms and the rest of the building.

    HVAC ductwork in classroom

    New HVAC ducts in classroom ceiling

    Photo 5: A new elevator will enhance ADA accessibility between floors.

    Pre-construction of elevator area

    Photo 6: A newly-poured concrete walkway provides better accessibility between the playgrounds and building.

    Paved walkway between playgrounds


  • June 17, 2019 - abatement and other preparatory work begins.

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