Q: Why were there delays?

  • As many of you may have experienced with your own home renovations, construction timelines are often unpredictable. At Hilhi, we have been remediating issues as they are uncovered. We also have added scope beyond the original bond promise to modernize our buildings, such as HVAC ductwork, building envelope upgrades, security measures, and more. These have impacted our original construction timeline.

    However, we are still focused on completing the bond project no later than Aug. 21, 2020, and have implemented a plan to make that happen. This includes utilizing temporary portable classroom spaces to allow our contractor to bump up the implementation of phase 4 by three months, and start renovations in those affected buildings sooner.

    We want, and are looking forward to, our staff and students returning from their 2020 summer break to a completely renovated and refreshed campus.

Q: What has been completed so far? What's left?

  • From April 2019 to date (Oct. 7, 2019), the following projects have been finished:

    • New field and track
    • Main gym floor/sound system/AC and paint
    • Small gym sound suppression and paint
    • Weight room with new equipment
    • Front office remodel
    • Business education building remodel
    • Woodshop remodel

    Phase 2 (renovations to social studies and creative arts buildings, and media center) is currently underway and expected to be completed Nov. 21.

    Phase 3 (language arts building renovations) will run from Dec. 4, 2019, through April 16, 2020.

    Phase 4 timeline has been accelerated to start three months earlier, on Jan. 6, 2020, and conclude Aug. 19, 2020. This includes remodeling of the math/science, technical education, drama, and theatre areas during the school year and summer, as well as roofing and parking lot work in the summer.

    View the updated phasing plan for a graphic representation.

Q: Why is Hilhi using portables?

  • In order to reach our goal of finishing construction no later than Aug. 21, 2020, we need to allow the contractor to access the remaining buildings as soon as possible. To make this happen, we have accelerated the timeline for phase 4 to start three months earlier (Jan. 6, 2020).

    This also requires us to move the 26 classrooms that were going to be moved or shared in phases 3 and 4 out of the affected buildings and into temporary portables through the remainder of the school year. Teachers will only have to move once during this time, and they won't need to share classroom space with other teachers or the media center as originally planned. Instructional time will not be affected.

    The portables will be located in the north parking lot, along with restroom facilities. There will be a campus monitor and surrounding fencing to provide security of the area.

Q: How long will classes be in the portables?

  • The 26 classrooms affected by phase 3 and 4 construction will be moved to the portables prior to Thanksgiving Day. Instruction will take place in the portables by Monday, Dec. 2, through the end of the 2019-20 school year. 

Q: What about parking?

  • With the portable placement, all students will be moving to the far lot, and staff will be parking in what is now the student lot. Over the summer break of 2020, the north parking lot will be updated and completed by Aug. 21, 2020.

Q: When does construction end?

  • We aim to complete construction by Aug. 21, 2020.