Wellness Stable Updates...

    Student Referrals: The Wellness Stable is open for business and is taking additional requests for students that need extra support in self regulation.

    -The flex schedule is open on Tuesdays/Thursdays in the late AM/early PM. Some thoughts from Shelly are below:

    -I counted up the number of students that have been sent on Flex time and it is 119! That is 119 students that have gotten access to emotional regulation in the Wellness Stable as well as a glimpse at regulation strategies that might help bring them back into the green zone to access that learning brain! I talk often with students about what makes them feel yellow or blue might feel like in the classroom.

    -One question I have for them is if they have a calming corner that they can access. Most of the work that I do with them in here is based on the belief that they have access to a calming corner along with tools to reflect on their emotional state and some simple tools to help calm them. Otherwise I ask them if they know how to ask for help or ask for a break.

    Go Mindful Mustangs!!