Schedule for 2020 Projects

  • The table below lists projects that are wrapping up (from last year) in 2020 or starting in 2020.

    NOTE: Project schedules are subject to change due to permitting processes and unforeseen or additional scope. Gray-shaded areas illustrate the current timeline and duration of each project. Anticipated start dates are in green and are at the beginning of the project timeline; expected completion dates for the final tasks are in red at the end of the timeline.


    School / Building Project Description 2020 2021
    Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
    Brookwood ES New school construction           28                          
    R.A. Brown MS Seismic, roofing, HVAC, water pipe, DDC, painting (summers only)     11     15                          
    Century HS Roofing                                       
    Eastwood ES Roofing                                      
    ES28 (North Plains area) New school construction                                      
    Evergreen MS New addition   7                                  
    Glencoe HS New addition, roofing, HVAC, renovations, parking lots, CTE                                      
    WL Henry ES New gym                                      
      Building and dropoff improvements                                      
    Hillsboro HS Major renovations, roofing, HVAC, CTE, electrical upgrade         24                            
      Parking lot improvements     20     3                          
    Hillsboro Online Furniture                                      
    Imlay ES Roofing                                      
    Indian Hills ES Building improvements                                      
    Ladd Acres ES Summer: building improvements, playground. Oct 2020-Aug 2021: new gym                                      
    Liberty HS Roofing                                      
    McKinney ES Summer: building improvements. Oct 2020-Aug 2021: new gym                                      
    Miller Big Picture Roofing, furniture                                      
    Minter Bridge ES Mar-Nov: new gym. Summer: building improvements, modular, playground                                      
    Mooberry ES Complete gym (March), playground (April) COMPLETE                                  
    North Plains ES New gym                                      
      Dropoff improvements                                      
    South Meadows MS Furniture                                      
    Transportation & Support Services New construction