Volk, Kristin - 70s

  • Volk, Kristin

    I started in the late 70's as a kinder at Brookwood Elementary.  Eventually moving on to JB Thomas and then graduating from Hilhi in 1991. I then did my student teaching in HSD and was hired in 1997.
    When I was six years old, I used to gather the neighborhood kids and wrangle them to my playroom to play "school." I spent most of my allowance at the teacher store buying supplies such as correcting pens, smelling stickers, and colored paper. I would then get all the unused dittos from my teachers so the kids had work to do. I knew one day that I would teach.
    As I began my 23rd year of teaching in HSD this year (2019), it was only fitting that I have a lunch date to thank the women who were so instrumental in my decision to be a teacher. This is one of my favorite sayings...Truly great teachers are hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.
    Here is picture of all of us in summer 2019 at the Reserve Golf Club.  Mrs. Derrah (1st Grade) and Mrs. Rueck (3rd Grade) from Brookwood Elementary.