Dec. 21, 2020

  • Photo 1: plastic sheeting protects the newly-applied and painted stucco from the rainy weather. After caulking around the windows, exterior repairs in this area will be finished.

    plastic sheeting protects stucco from rain

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Dec. 8, 2020

  • Photo 1: stucco areas at the front of the school are being repatched as a preventive measure against moisture intrusion.

    repatching stucco walls

    Photo 2: furniture awaits arranging in the remodeled front office.

    front office furniture to be arranged

    Photo 3: a new countertop and dishwasher was installed in the staff break room.

    staff break room

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Oct. 16, 2020

  • The project is now in the punchlist stage, with wrap-ups and minor fixes taking place

    Photos 1-3: classroom HVAC units have been completely installed, and new furniture has been moved in.

    classroom furniture 1

    classroom furniture 2

    classroom furniture 3

    Photos 3-6: furniture and move-ins are taking place in the newly-renovated offices.

    staff in new office

    office manager's new station

    moving into new office

    Photo 7: roofing work is complete.

    aerial view of finished roof

Sept. 28, 2020

  • Photos 1 and 2: cabinetry and countertops have started to be installed in the renovated office space, as Principal Roger Will and staff take a look at the construction so far.

    cabinetry in office renovation

    principal and staff look over office changes

    Photos 3-5: now that work on the classroom HVAC units is completed, new furniture has arrived and is being moved into classrooms.

    new furniture moved into classroom

    classroom desks awaiting moves

    classroom chairs awaiting moves

    Photo 6: the last of the roofing work is being completed.

    nearly-completed roofing work

Sept. 9, 2020

  • Photos 1 and 2: lighting fixtures have been installed in the renovated offices as cabinetry awaits installation.

    main office renovation

    office hallway renovation

    Photo 3: in this office space, the underlying ductwork is shown above the ceiling grid, before panels will be installed to cover it up.

    unfinished ceiling in office

Sept. 1, 2020

  • Photos 1 and 2: the old skylights at the school have been replaced with new ones, as shown from the rooftop (1) and from below in a hallway (2), to bring daylighting into the building

    skylights on rooftop

    skylight in hallway

    Photos 3 and 4: t-bar ceiling grids have been added to the renovated offices; panels will be installed to hide the underlying ductwork and conduit and smoothly tie into the HVAC unit.

    ceiling grid around HVAC unit

    ceiling grid in office hallway

Aug. 25, 2020

  • Photo 1: a crew member affixes labels, such as "domestic hot water," to identify what's in the overhead pipes.

    worker affixing label on pipe

    Photo 2: another crew member works on a circuit board for the classroom HVAC unit.

    worker adjusting HVAC unit circuit board

    Photo 3: the exterior main office wall has been finished with drywall and is being prepped for eventual painting.

    exterior main office wall

    Photo 4: an office HVAC unit has been lowered to fit within a ceiling grid, to be installed shortly.

    office HVAC unit in ceiling

    Photo 5: the main entry has been freshly painted.

    painted main entry

    Photo 6: work continues on the roofing.

    roofing work

Aug. 18, 2020

  • Photos 1 and 2: the renovated office areas have been sheetrocked and painted.

    main office renovation

    counseling office renovation

    Photos 3 and 4: new skylights and fresh paint brighten up finished hallways.

    painted hallway

    painted hallway with lockers

    Photo 5: another hallway is being prepared for final painting.

    hallway to be painted

    Photo 6: drywall has been added around a replacement HVAC unit in one of the classrooms.

    drywall around HVAC unit

Aug. 11, 2020

  • Photos 1 and 2: interior painting has started in finished areas.

    painter spraying hallway ceiling

    painting finished hallway

    Photo 3: crew members patch up cuts made in walls where domestic water and/or seismic renovations were made.

    patching up walls

    Photos 4 and 5: ceilings have been installed in the renovated office areas.

    main office ceiling installation

    sheetrocking of office ceiling

    Photo 6: after skylights were replaced, roofing work continues around them.

    roofing work

Aug. 3, 2020

  • Photo 1: roofing and skylight replacement work continues over the school building.

    roofing and skylight replacement

    Photo 2: sheetrock is being added to the front of the main office renovation.

    sheetrocking front of main office

    Photo 3: inside the main office, crew members connect the HVAC ceiling unit and finish up the taping and mud application on the sheetrock.

    finishing installations in main office

    Photo 4: masking film is placed over windows and lights to prepare for painting in the hallway.

    painting prep

July 21, 2020

  • Photos 1-3: sheetrocking is being installed in the office renovation.

    exterior of main office renovation

    interior of main office renovation

    sheetrocking renovated offices

    Photo 4: new tile has been applied on restroom walls where plumbing has been replaced.

    new tile in restroom

    Photo 5: HVAC units are being installed on classroom walls.

    HVAC wall unit in classroom

    Photo 6: HVAC rooftop units were craned in as roofing work continues.

    crane at rooftop

July 14, 2020

  • Photos 1-2: seismic and roofing upgrades continue above the east side of the building.

    aerial view of roofing work

    roofing renovation

    Photos 3-5: within the renovated office framework, electrical conduit has been installed as well as ventilation units.

    office renovation view from hallway

    ventilation unit in office construction

    offices under construction

    Photo 6: classroom HVAC units are being installed on the renovated walls.

    classroom HVAC unit installation

July 6, 2020

  • Photos 1-2: work continues in the renovated office area to add to or refine the framing of the rooms.

    crew member trims ceiling joist

    view of office renovation from hallway

    Photos 3-4: roofing work includes reinforcement of the skylights.

    underside of skylight

    roofing work

June 30, 2020

  • Photos 1-2: framing of the renovated office area has begun, after demolition and abatement of the old spaces.

    view of office renovation to north

    view of office renovation to south

    Photo 3: roofing work continues.

    aerial view of east wing roofs

    Photo 4: a crew member prepares framing for a wall to place the new HVAC unit.

    framing wall for HVAC unit placement

June 2, 2020

  • Photo 1: phase 2 of the roofing replacement has begun.

    aerial view of roofing work

    Photo 2: a crew member works on the wiring in the wall for the new classroom HVAC unit.

    working on mechanical wiring

    Photos 3-4: on one side, the cutouts in the wall expose the plumbing underneath the bathroom sinks; the other side shows more plumbing behind the bathroom wall.

    plumbin under bathroom sinks

    p;umbing behind bathroom wall

May 19, 2020

  • Photos 1 and 2: classroom and main hallway HVAC units are being replaced as part of bond renovations.

    classroom HVAC unit replacement

    main hallway HVAC unit replacement

    Photo 3: crew member prepares a new HVAC unit for installation.

    new HVAC unit

    Photos 4 and 5: walls in hallways and bathrooms have been opened up to access domestic water plumbing for upgrades.

    p;umbing in hallway wall

    plumbing in bathroom wall

May 13, 2020

  • Photo 1: a classroom wall is exposed after the old HVAC unit has been removed.

    exposed wall after HVAC unit removal

    Photo 2: a new HVAC unit stands ready to be installed in the main hallway.

    new HVAC unit ready for installation

    Photo 3: a crew member cuts and assembles plumbing pipe for installation in the exposed wall.

    cutting plumbing pipe

May 6, 2020

  • The cover has been removed from an old HVAC unit in a classroom to prepare for removal.

    old HVAC unit

    A "soft" start on wall demolition exposes underlying plumbing.

    small wall demolition