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  • What is the Oregon Work Share program?

  • Week of Memorial Day Holiday

  • Week of the Fourth of July Holiday


  • Is everyone participating in this program?

  • Are all work groups and depts affected by the partial furlough, 20% reduction in hours and HSD pay?

  • What if I get email or questions on a day or time that I am furloughed (i.e., Friday)?

  • Who is eligible to receive unemployment compensation through the Oregon Work Share program?

  • I live in Washington. Do I apply in Oregon or Washington for unemployment benefits?

  • What happens if I’m not eligible? Or what if I’m eligible for unemployment, but my benefits are $0?

  • Will I still be on a reduced schedule if I’m not eligible?

  • What if I’m not eligible now, but will be before July 31, 2020?

  • How will I know if I am ineligible?

  • I am authorized through visa (H1-B, J1), green card, DACA status. Am I eligible for CARES Act fund?

  • Should I be worried that the State gets overwhelmed and my checks from them are delayed as a result?

  • I have a second job. Will this affect my payment amount through Work Share?

  • I/my partner make too much to receive the $1,200 federal stimulus payment. Will I still be eligible?

  • How much will I earn through Work Share and the CARES Act?

Submission Process

  • What do I need to do right now?

  • How many forms do I have to fill out?

  • What if I need help filling out the initial claim application?

  • Do I have to look for other work or turn in additional forms on an ongoing basis?

  • Do I have to apply separately for the federal CARES amount of $600?

  • When is my initial claim application due?

  • I submitted the claim form with inaccurate information. How do I correct this?

  • What is my work authorization number?

  • I received a letter in the mail or an email from OED indicating my claim was approved or denied. What do I do with this?

  • I didn’t receive a notice from OED. Should I be worried?

  • I submitted my Initial Claim Form, can I change my tax withholdings now?

  • Is the time a person spends in Work Share counted against their unemployment benefit amount if they were to be fully laid off in the future?

  • How do I report a change of address?


  • How will I receive payments through the Work Share Program and CARES Act?

  • Are the payments taxed?

  • Can the state hold payment if I am behind on state income tax, child support, alimony etc.?

  • Will the payments come with my HSD wage payments or will it be a separate payment?

  • How is full-time and part-time defined?

  • Is there a one-week waiting period before receiving unemployment benefits?

  • Can you post an example of the 20% hours reduction resulting unemployment and CARES Act payments?

  • When will I receive my unemployment benefits & CARES Act payment?


  • Will this have any impact on my health benefits?

  • Will my vacation and sick leave accrual rates change?

  • What if I will be receiving retirement pay within the next 12 months?

  • What if I am currently receiving retirement pay?

  • What if I am receiving Social Security?

Workload, Schedule & Leaves of Absence

  • Do I get to choose when my hours will be reduced?

  • What are the work expectations while I am working a reduced schedule?

  • How will working one day less a week affect my workload?

  • I am a part-time employee. What will my FTE be and what are my expectations?

  • What if I was on a leave of absence in the past 12 months?

  • What if I go on a leave of absence before July 31, 2020?

  • What if I’m on an intermittent FMLA/OFLA leave of absence?

  • What if I’m on a leave for a COVID-related situation?

  • Can I put in vacation time for the day/time I am scheduled to have reduced hours?

  • I have vacation hours I will lose in July and I can’t use them now. Will there be an extension?

  • If I am required to participate in Jury Duty, am I still eligible for the Work Share program?


  • Is there assistance to help fill out the initial claim application?

  • Will having reduced hours mean there will be no staff cuts next school year?

  • Will these unemployment payments for reduced hours make the state budget situation worse?

  • When will the pay for the furlough days be deducted from my paycheck?

  • I received a letter from the Oregon Employment Department (OED) that states “Your claim’s base year includes wages earned from employers that are considered a school…”, what does this mean?

  • I have a second job, or am self-employed, or I’m receiving retirement pay. I have additional, taxable income from a source other than HSD during a Work Share week that I qualified for. How do I report that additional income?

  • My name is wrong on the form I received from OED – should I call them?