Sept. 8, 2021

  • Contractors worked to finish up and prepare the school for the first day of school.

    Photo 1: the new parent dropoff and parking lot has been fully paved and striped. Landscaping has been planted.

    aerial view of renovated parking lot

    Photo 2: a new, secure entry vestibule enables closer monitoring of building visitors and limits access into the building. Visitors must check in at the office window at the right before they can enter through the vestibule doors.

    entry vestibule

    Photo 3: the building hallways have been freshly painted and the floors shine after polishing.

    school hallway

    Photo 4: teachers have been readying their classrooms for students. Every classroom has new windows and air conditioning added to the HVAC units under the windows.

    finished classroom

    Photo 5: seismic upgrades have been added behind the gym walls. HVAC ducts now also deliver air conditioning. New windows bring bright light into the gym.

    finished gymnasium

    Photo 6: the cafeteria also received seismic and HVAC upgrades as well as new windows.

    finished cafeteria

    Photo 7: a new ADA ramp provides accessibility into the cafeteria below the building.

    finished ADA ramp

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Aug. 17, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: paving of the parent dropoff/parking lot has begun.

    aerial view of paving work

    paving crew

    Photo 3: roofing work is nearly complete.


    Photo 4: railings have been installed along the new ADA ramp to the cafeteria.

    railings along ADA ramp

    Photo 5: new copper plumbing pipe has been added in the cafeteria.

    copper plumbing pipe in cafeteria

Aug. 10, 2021

  • Photo 1: storm drain pipe is being installed underneath the new ADA access ramp.

    storm drain pipe in access ramp construction

    Photo 2: crew members construct perimeter drainage to keep storm water away from the building.

    constructing perimeter drainage

    Photo 3: tar and roofing material are being applied to fully seal the rooftop.


    Photo 4: in the gym, plywood boards are being installed to cover seismically-upgraded walls.

    boarding up seismically-upgraded gym walls

    Photo 5: classroom HVAC units will now provide air conditioning as well as heat.

    retrofitting classroom HVAC units

    Photo 6: an HVAC cassette is being installed in a staff lounge.

    in-ceiling HVAC cassette installation

    Photo 7: painting finishes completed areas of renovation.

    paint finishing

Aug. 4, 2021

  • Photo 1: this aerial view of the campus toward the south shows the roofing work as well as the site work to construct the new ADA ramp and dropoff areas.

    aerial view of campus construction

    Photo 2: the roof over the north classrooms has been re-covered and tar is starting to be applied to seal it.

    re-roofing over north classrooms

    Photo 3: the crew prepares for window installations in the gym.

    preparing for gym window installation

    Photo 4: by the next day, all of the new gym windows are installed.

    gym windows installed

    Photo 5: window installation is also complete for the classrooms on the east side.

    eastside classroom window installation

    Photo 6: mist still hangs in the air from the paint that was sprayed on the finished, seismically-upgraded walls in this classroom hallway.

    painting classroom hallway

July 28, 2021

  • Photo 1: new, energy-efficient windows and HVAC retrofits are being added throughout the building, starting with the west side.

    new window and HVAC in westside classroom

    Photo 2: it is a team effort to install the large, new windows, with part of the crew on the outside of the building and other crew members inside the building.

    installing new window

    Photo 3: more windows are ready for installation.

    windows on cart for installation

    Photo 4: on the east side of the building, plywood boards cover areas where old windows were removed to prepare for installation of the new windows.

    windows covered with boards

    Photo 5: HVAC mechanical units and fans are ready to be installed on the new roof.

    HVAC mechanical unit and fans to be installed

    Photo 6: the main office is undergoing some remodeling as part of the new entry vestibule construction.

    main office remodeling

    Photo 7: work continues to finish the new walkway and ADA access on the north side of the building.

    main office remodeling

    Photo 8: framing is constructed for new sidewalk sections along the renovated dropoff/parking lot area.

    main office remodeling

July 14, 2021

  • Photo 1: a new walkway and ADA access ramp are being constructed on the north side of the school building.

    north side walkway/ADA access ramp

    Photo 2: crew members construct framing for new curb for the dropoff/parking lot.

    framing concrete curb

    Photos 3-5: accessible via scaffolding, the rooftop is enclosed with protective plastic sheeting as seismic upgrades and reroofing take place inside the tented area.

    plastic-enclosed rooftop area

    rooftop work

    exposed rooftop rafters

    Photo 6: old windows are starting to be replaced with energy-efficient models.

    window replacement

    Photo 7: the main office is being remodeled as part of the construction of a new, secured entry vestibule.

    main office remodeling

July 2, 2021

  • Photo 1: the south extension of the new dropoff/parking lot area has been excavated and graded.

    construction of parking lot extension

    Photo 2: at the north side of the building, a parking lot section is being excavated.

    excavation of parking lot section

    Photos 3-5: the whole roof is being removed for renovation; old material is cleared out.

    removal of roof beams

    rooftop renovation

    clearing of roofing material

    Photo 6: near the gym the roof is completely exposed; thick plastic sheeting above protects the building.

    underside view of removed roof

    Photo 7: the entry vestibule is being remodeled to provide upgraded security for visitor access into the building

    entry vestibule remodeling

June 23, 2021

  • Photo 1: this aerial view shows the work currently in progress on the campus. At the top of the photo, the old asphalt in the parent dropoff/parking lot is being pulled up. At the bottom right, scaffolding surrounds about a third of the building so far.

    aerial view of campus construction

    Photo 2: a crew member places surveying stakes in the excavated area to mark a trenching area.

    excavated parking lot area

    Photos 3 and 4: the rock on the roof on this part of the building has been removed in preparation for replacement of the roof.

    aerial view of building rooftop

    bare rooftop

    Photo 5: inside the building, specific ceiling and wall areas are being demolished to install seismic reinforcements.

    ceiling demolition

June 14, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: crew members prepare the south side of the school for upcoming excavation and grading. Erosion control measures are being applied, surveying is taking place, and underground utilities marked.

    site preparations and surveying

    heavy equipment on site

Nov. 20, 2020

  • Two trees at the front of the school, in addition to one on the north side, have been cut to make way for dropoff/parking lot improvements.

    view to south of front of FV school

    aerial view of front of FV school

    aerial view of FV campus toward the north

Nov. 11, 2020

  • Tree removal has begun as each branch is cut before the arborist crew gets to the trunk. A chipper breaks down the smaller branches; the larger ones will be cut into logs.

    arborist cutting large tree

    arborist crew at work

Tree Removal

  • Video en español


    On Nov. 11-16, 2020, two trees at the front of Farmington View Elementary School are going to be removed. In their place, we will be renovating the dropoff area to increase vehicle queueing.

    While they have been with the school for decades, the trees have long posed safety concerns and ongoing maintenance issues: (1) their roots are breaking up the parking lot/dropoff area, creating growing cracks and ridges; and (2) danger of falling branches and limbs. Their removal would alleviate these concerns and reduce the risk of damage to people and property.

    The renovated dropoff area will not only allow more queuing at the front of the school for dropoffs and pickups, but also improve vehicle and pedestrian safety.

    View the current, proposed plan.