Weekly TAG Opportunities

  • Talented and Gifted (TAG) Winter 2021

    Students can find more details and reminders on the student TAG Google Classrooms! Join Codes








    11:15 - Doodle for Google Time





    2:00 - Understanding Yourself as a TAG Learner



    3:30 Stock Market Game

    4:00 TAG, You’re It Tuesdays

    3:30 Stock Market Game


    3:00 Middle School Breakouts and Baamboozles


         Doodle for Google Time - Grades K-12. Brainstorm ideas and learn tips to submit a Google Doodle with this year’s theme: I am strong because...Students can drop in every Wednesday at 11:15. Doodles are due Feb 26. prizes range from Google swag to College scholarships! Runs Jan 13th thru Feb 24 - Meeting LINK

         Stock Market Game - Grades 4-12 - Teams play the stock market with a virtual $100,000!  Runs Jan 25 thru April 16th.  Meets every Monday and Wednesday at 3:30. Sign Up for a Team or Email Deb Luther to join a team. LINK

         TAG You’re It Tuesdays -  Grades K-6 - Students drop in for a variety of workshops each week. Topics & Info Page - Keep checking it for updates. K-3 Meeting LINK  ---  4th-6th Meeting LINK

         Middle School Breakouts and Baamboozles! - Grades 7-8 - Students are invited to join in for games, puzzles, and trivia - There’s no better way to spend a Friday afternoon at 3:00!  Calendar with topics and links.

         HSD Middle School Reading Race - Grades 7-8 - Students self-report on this form the number of pages read to take the lead for their school! Runs October through June. No meeting, enter pages read on form.

         Understanding Yourself as a TAG Learner - Grades 9-12 - Students learn more about themselves by learning about TAG characteristics(FLYER & LINK). Starts January 13th. Meets on Wednesdays at 2:00.