Black Village Family Advisory Committee


    Mission Statement
    The Black Village Family Advisory Committee (BVFAC) advocates for the needs of students, and families of students, who identify in whole or in part as Black/African-American/African attending Hillsboro School District schools. As a Hillsboro School District supported Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), we aim to support students and families by identifying potential barriers and inequities which hinder the academic experience for Black students, and then advocating for them in communication with the district school board, administrators, faculty, and staff. We accomplish this through listening to our Black students and families, creating a sense of community, and providing resources as well as a platform for their voices to be heard.

    Family Engagement
    The Black Village Family Advisory Committee meets once a month to host family engagement events. 


  • Black Village Family Advisory Committee Meeting & Book Reading Event
    The next meeting of the Black Village Family Advisory Committee is Monday, Dec. 11 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Zoom. The space welcomes all families with students who identify in whole or in part as Black, African-American, and/or African. Come learn, grow, and unite to build a better community for our children.

    Then please join them from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 16 in the Event Room at the Brookwood Public Library for a reading of the children's book The Me I Choose to Be, by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley. The book is appropriate for ages 2-7, but all are welcome. Refreshments and activities will be provided.

    Upcoming Events


    • 11/4 - Black College Expo, Seattle Washington
    • 11/14 - Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day
    • 12/16 - Book Reading Event
    • February - Black History Month Event
    • March - Black Girl Magic Event 
    • June - Umoja Celebration of Black Graduates
    • June - Juneteenth Event location is TBD

    Past Events


    • 12/3/22 - Book Reading at Brookwood Library
    • 2/17/23 - Black History Celebration at LIberty High School
    • 3/22/23 - Book Reading at Poynter Middle School Library
    • 6/2/23- Umoja Black Graduation Celebration at Reser Center
    • 6/17/23 - Juneteenth Celebration at Orenco Station


    • HSCU Virtual College Tour 2021
    • Mental Health of our students
    • Roots and Wings with Keynote Speaker
    • Black History Month 2021


  • BVFAC Board

    • Cyre Files-Group Chair
    • Olson Miller- Group Vice Chair
    • David Steinhauer- Group Facilitator

    Group Contact:

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