Sept. 22, 2021

  • Photo 1: fresh paint and new lighting has brightened up the media center and hallways of the school.

    media center hallway

    Photo 2: pony walls were added around the media center to provide additional support for the backs of the bookcases.

    new media center pony walls

    Photo 3: furniture, books and materials continue to be organized in the remodeled space.

    media center interior

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Sept. 8, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: final touches are being made to the gym exterior and interior.

    nearly-complete gym exterior

    finishing gym interior

    finishing gym restrooms

    Photo 4: equipment has been moved into the PE teacher's office.

    PE teacher's office

    Photos 5 and 6: the media center remodeling is complete. Staff has started to arrange books and furniture in the space.

    finished media center hallway

    arranging media center contents

    Photo 7: new offices were constructed adjacent to the media center.

    new offices near media center

    Photo 8: new drywall and paint cover the seismic upgrades that were made in the cafeteria and throughout the building.

    refinished cafeteria and stage

    Photo 9: a new single restroom provides ADA accessibility.

    new ADA restroom

    Photo 10: after seismic upgrades, classrooms are being prepared for students' arrival.

    arranged classroom

    Photo 11: the new entry vestibule will allow closer monitoring of access into the building.

    entry vestibule under construction

Aug. 24, 2021

  • Photo 1: crew members add the finishing panels to the gym's entry canopy.

    installing finishing panels

    Photo 2: the wood floor has been installed and is being sanded prior to laying on the varnish coatings.

    sanding newly-installed gym wood floor

    Photo 3: the entry vestibule is glazed and ready for its final security wiring and finishing touches.

    nearly-finished gym entry vestibule

    Photo 4: in the renovated media center, carpeting has been installed, new furniture is delivered, and tack boards are about to be mounted on the pony walls.

    carpeted media center

    Photo 5: a crew member installs the glass partition window between the office and media center hallway.

    installing glass partition

    Photo 6: fixtures are installed in the new ADA-accessible restroom.

    installed fixtures in ADA restroom

    Photo 7: the gym and stage area have been freshly painted; furniture and materials are ready to be moved back into the classrooms and media center.

    freshly-painted gym and stage

Aug. 16, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: in the renovated media center, the pony walls have been sheetrocked and prepared for painting.

    renovated media center pony walls

    nearly-finished renovated media center

    Photos 3-5: final finishes and painting are also taking place in the seismically-upgraded classrooms, stage area and gym.

    finished classroom

    painting in stage area

    painting in gym

    Photo 6: new office spaces have been sheetrocked and ready to finish.

    sheetrocked office spaces

    Photo 7: framing and drywalling is in progress of the soffits covering up HVAC ducts, conduit and cabling.

    soffit construction

    Photo 8: the entry canopy of the gym is being prepared for roof panels.

    framing of media center pony walls

    Photo 9: the wood floor is being assembled inside the gym.

    wood floor assembly in gym

Aug. 10, 2021

  • Photo 1: drywall mud is applied to the gym entry vestibule walls to prepare for painting.

    applying drywall mud to entry vestibule walls

    Photo 2: the wood floor will be installed in the gym next week.

    wood floor pallets in gym

    Photo 3: near the media center, a crew member measures out the space to cut and install wall board behind a large HVAC duct.

    measuring for wall board

    Photo 4: the new office spaces are getting closer to completion with installation of insulation inside the rooms and drywall on the outside.

    insulated and drywalled office spaces

    Photos 5 and 6: framing of the pony walls continues in the media center.

    framing of media center pony walls

Aug. 4, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: site work continues around the gym, including the front courtyard area.

    aerial view of site work around gym

    gym courtyard area under construction

    Photo 3: in the media center, construction of framing for pony walls defines the spaces.

    framing construction in media center

    Photo 4: work continues on finishing the new office spaces.

    office space construction

    Photo 5: the gym and stage have been sheetrocked, taped and mud applied to prepare for fresh paint.

    sheetrocked gym

    Photo 6: the new ADA restroom is nearly ready for finishes.

    construction of ADA restroom

    Photo 7: the modular building is being re-roofed to ensure better weather protection.

    re-roofing of modular building

July 29, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: glazing has been installed in most of the gym windows and in the entry storefront.

    exterior of gym showing window glazing

    gym entry under construction

    Photo 3: wood flooring is acclimating in the gym for installation in a couple weeks.

    gym wood flooring pallets

    Photo 4: four members of a crew involved in construction of all of HSD's new gyms take a break for a group photo.

    gym crew group photo

    Photos 5-7: renovations and seismic upgrades continue in the classrooms, old gym/cafeteria and the media center.

    construction in classroom

    construction in old gym

    construction in media center

    Photo 8: new offices are being constructed along one side of the media center, adjacent to the main office.

    construction of new offices

July 14, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: framework for the mechanical basketball hoops is being installed across the ceiling.

    installing basketball hoop frames

    basketball hoop hardware on gym floor

    Photo 3: plastic sheeting covers the windows and storefront entry until glazing is delivered.

    plastic sheeting covering windows

    Photos 4 and 5: hardscaping forms are being constructed for the courtyard area seating and the stairs into the back door of the gym.

    forms for concrete seating in courtyard

    constructing forms for stairs into gym back door

    Photo 6: renovation of the central media center area continues with seismic upgrades, old carpet removal, and new framing for the walls.

    media center renovation

    Photos 7-8: seismic upgrades also continue in the gym and classrooms.

    seismic upgrade work in gym

    seismic upgrade work in classroom

June 29, 2021

  • Photo 1: inside the new gym, the concrete is being smoothed out to prepare for installation of the wood floor.

    smoothing out concrete for gym floor

    Photo 2: at the front of the gym, the area behind the retaining wall is being backfilled with gravel; pathway conduit for electrical and communications cabling is also being laid.

    backfilling behind gym retaining wall

    Photos 3 and 4: walls are being removed in the old gym to expose the underlying studs where new shear walls will be installed for seismic upgrades.

    removing walls in old gym

    exposed wall studs in old gym

    Photo 5: framing for a new partition is being constructed in the library area.

    framing for new partition in library

    Photo 6: crew members prepare to install seismic upgrades in the exposed walls of the library.

    preparing to install seismic upgrades in exposed walls

    Photo 7: the ceiling tiles have been removed in the classrooms to prepare for seismic upgrades.

    exposed ceiling grid

June 23, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: ceilings and walls are being removed throughout the building to prepare for seismic work and other renovations.

    exposed areas around library

    exposed ceiling and wall

    demolition of room

    Photo 4: removed HVAC ducts are lined up against a cargo storage box.

    removed HVAC ducts

    Photos 5 and 6: inside the gym, overhead ductwork and interior finishes continue to be installed, including in the restroom area.

    interior of gym under construction

    restroom sink area under construction

    Photo 7: site work continues outside the gym.

    site work at back of gym

    Photo 8: the retaining wall for the entrance courtyard for the gym has been constructed.

    gym courtyard retaining wall

June 14, 2021

  • Photo 1: the concrete base of the front entry retaining wall has been poured as more rebar and framing is installed to build on it.

    construction of concrete retaining wall

    Photo 2: roof edging trim is being installed around the gym.

    installation of roof edging trim

    Photo 3: crew members install tectum tiles in the gym ceiling.

    installation of ceiling tectum

    Photo 4: a pallet of wood is carefully guided through the side entry.

    moving wood pallet

    Photo 5: window frames are ready to be installed.

    window frames to be installed

June 8, 2021

June 1, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: one of many external panels is lifted for placement on the gym building.

    moving external panel to location

    external panel lifted for placement

    Photo 3: like a piece of a puzzle, the final piece of ceiling drywall is sized and fitted into place in the entry vestibule of the gym.

    placing final piece of ceiling drywall

    Photo 4: a concrete bench is curing before being buffed and sealed.

    curing concrete bench

May 25, 2021

  • Photo 1: inside the gym, the ceiling grid has been installed, and drywall has started to be applied.

    interior gym construction

    Photo 2: along the south wall, forms have been constructed to prepare for an upcoming pour of the concrete bench.

    forms for concrete bench

    Photo 3: the concrete bench along the north wall is complete and ready to be sealed.

    finished concrete bench

    Photos 4 and 5: sheetrocking has been applied on the vestibule walls and interior rooms, including the restrooms and the custodial area.

    sheetrocked bathroom area

    sheetrocked custodial area

May 17, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: drywall panels are starting to be installed in the vestibule and restroom areas.

    installing drywall

    gym bathroom under construction

    Photo 3: HVAC ducts and straps have been primed and painted, ready for installation in the ceiling.

    gym restroom construction

    Photo 4: the plastic sheeting around the gym is being adjusted to do some work on the exterior.

    adjusting plastic sheeting around gym exterior

May 3, 2021

  • Photo 1: scaffolding has been constructed to prepare for upcoming brickwork, starting with the north wall of the gym.

    scaffolding on north wall of gym

    Photo 2: construction of the restroom area continues.

    gym restroom construction

    Photo 3: the main HVAC ducts have been delivered and stand ready to be prepared for installation.

    HVAC ducts to be installed

April 21-22, 2021 - Roof Panels

April 12, 2021

  • Photo 1: framing of the mezzanine area outlines the PE and custodian offices on the left, boys and girls bathrooms in the middle, and a single, ADA bathroom on the right. Above the offices are the HVAC mechanical units.

    framed mezzanine area

    Photo 2: a view from the inside of the gym showing ceiling framing and other construction so far.

    interior view of gym construction

    Photo 3: this aerial view shows the "skeleton" structure of the gym as it continues to develop.

    aerial view of gym skeleton

April 5, 2021

  • Photos 1-2: the crew continues to install framing for the ceiling grid in the gymnasium.

    installing ceiling framing

    aerial view of ceiling framing work

    Photo 3: at the base of the gym, crew members apply a tarry-like adhesive to the concrete and then affix insulating foam panels.

    installing ceiling frame piece

March 30, 2021

  • Photo 1: the interior of the gym skeleton.

    interior view of gym skeleton

    Photo 2: crew members install framing for the gym ceiling.

    installing ceiling frame piece

    Photo 3: installation of exterior sheathing for the gym building has begun.

    sheathing on gym building

    Photo 4: aerial view of gym after painting and start of exterior sheathing.

    aerial view of gym with partial sheathing

March 15, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: the structural steel is being painted. Soon, metal panels will be installed over these "bones" of the gym skeleton.

    gym steel is half-painted

    aerial view of the half-painted gym structure

    view of the painted steel from the south side

March 8, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: all the roof beams have been assembled; now, the mezzanine section is being added to the structure

    aerial view of gym's front structure

    a view underneath the roof beams

    view of the front from the northeast side

    Photo 4: a crew member continues attaching roof joists to secure the beams as his partners work on the mezzanine area.

    aerial view of crew members at work on roof and mezzanine

March 3, 2021

  • Photos 1-4: the roof beams are being erected and crew members assemble them in place.

    gym steel erection

    crew members assemble roof beams

    aerial view of roof beam assembly

    crew members adjust beam position

Feb. 28, 2021

Feb. 16, 2021

  • Photo 1: this aerial view shows the full gym construction site at the back of the school, just after recent snow.

    aerial view of gym construction site

    Photo 2: the gym's foundation is covered with protective blankets as the concrete underneath continues to "cure" to hardness.

    aerial view of covered gym foundation

Feb. 10, 2021

Feb. 2, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: grading and compaction continue on the foundation base. Half of the base is already covered with sheeting, over which rebar will be added which will reinforce the upcoming poured concrete.

    grading and compaction of foundation base

    aerial view of foundation grading

    overhead aerial view of gym construction site

Jan. 25, 2021

  • Photo 1: crew members take measurements along the gym's retaining wall. Orange paint is then used to mark construction lines on the foundation area.

    measuring for construction markings

    Photo 2: drainage trenches have been backfilled along the retaining wall.

    backfilled trench

    Photo 3: this aerial view shows how the foundation base has been compacted and is being prepared for an upcoming concrete pour, expected within a couple weeks depending on the weather.

    aerial view of compacted foundation

Jan. 19, 2021

  • Photo 1: work is being performed on two levels of the foundation, including backfill and compaction on the foundation base as well as laying fabric for the drainage pipes that will be placed around the footings.

    multi-level construction work on foundation

    Photo 2: a crew member compacts the rock for the foundation base. Concrete will be poured over this base in a few weeks.

    compacting foundation base

    Photo 3: crew members work in the trenches to lay fabric for the foundation drainage pipes. The drainage fabric helps prevent dirt and rock from getting into the perforated pipes.

    laying fabric in drainage trench

    Photos 4 and 5: aerial views of the site show the work on the gym foundation and the rest of the site.

    aerial view of gym foundation under construction

    aerial view of gym construction site

Jan. 11, 2021

Jan. 7, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: crew members continue building the frames to pour concrete for the foundation footings.

    crew members build footing frames

    aerial view of northeast corner of gym foundation framing

    overhead view of gym foundation framing

Dec. 28, 2020

  • Photos 1-4: part of the concrete has been poured for the foundation footings, and crew members continue building up the forms for additional pours.

    aerial view of northeast corners of gym footings

    aerial view of gym site under construction

    southwest corner of gym footings

    north side of gym footings

Dec. 21, 2020

  • Photos 1-3: crew members continue constructing the forms for the concrete footings for the gym.

    aerial view of gym foundation form construction

    crew members install rebar in forms

    crew member adds rebar to form

Dec. 14, 2020

  • Photos 1-3: forms are being constructed in which concrete will be poured for the gym's foundation footings.

    aerial view of gym foundation form construction

    crew member places wood for form

    crew member hammers wood to frame

Dec. 7, 2020

  • Photo 1: crew members are trenching the storm drains.

    aerial view of construction site

    Photo 2: an aerial view of the construction site shows the trenching area.

    trenching storm drains

Nov. 30, 2020

  • Photo 1: gravel placement and grading continue on the site.

    continued gravel placement and grading

    Photo 2: orange markings indicate placement of utility lines or conduits.

    orange markings on site

    Photo 3: orange shoring will provide safety as crew members work in underground manhole trenches.

    shoring pipe

Nov. 23, 2020

  • Gravel has been brought in to help stabilize the site and reduce mud, enabling construction vehicles to move around better. The foundation area also has been covered with heavy-duty plastic sheeting to protect it from too much water.

    construction site with gravel

    view of gym site to the west

Nov. 9, 2020

  • Work has started on excavating and grading the new gym site.

    aerial view of gym construction site

    excavating the gym site