Oct. 19, 2021

  • Photo 1: although there are some window glazing and technology materials still pending (delayed by supply chain issues), the new gym has been substantially completed and opened to students this week.

    interior view of completed gym

    Photos 2 and 3: students from Mrs. Zielke's kindergarten class find their places on the gym floor under PE teacher Amy Danielson's guidance. The gym has a lot of space for the students to do their lessons, including (mostly) following the lines to run, walk and skip around in a set routine.

    kinder class settling for class on gym floor

    kinders doing PE in new gym

    Photo 4: restroom facilities are available in gender-separated stalls as well as, in between, ADA-accessible/gender-neutral stalls. A separate restroom nearby has a changing table for family access.

    gym restroom facilities

    Photos 5-7: outside, the landscaping has been planted around the building. Grass is soaking up the rains to grow in the hydroseeded areas.

    front gym entrance with landscaping

    landscaping at south side of gym

    landscaping at north side of gym

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Oct. 12, 2021

  • Photo 1: hydroseeding has been added to the areas north, east and south of the gym to restore grassy areas.

    aerial view of gym

    Photos 2 and 3: the long-delayed glazing for the gym windows has been delivered. Crew members remove the temporary plywood covers and carefully install each glass panel.

    installing gym window glazing

    glazing installation from the inside of the gym

    Photo 4: gym lights reflect off of the shiny, varnished floor. Baseboard is being added and a crew member touches up the wall paint.

    nearly-complete gym interior

Oct. 5, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: landscaping is completed around the gym, including in the swale at the front and the planter at the side of the gym.

    completed swale plantings

    completed landscaping in north planter

    Photos 3 and 4: door glazing for the entry vestibule has been delivered; crew members can now install the glass in place of the temporary plywood.

    door glazing for installation

    crew members installing door glazing

    Photo 5: the gym floor is nearly complete after striping and varnish coats. Baseboard will be installed shortly. After manufacturing and other delays, glazing for the windows is currently being tempered at the factory for delivery this week. After off-gassing of the varnish coats, the gym is expected to be ready for students by the week of Oct. 18.

    coated gym floor

    Photos 6 and 7: touchups and cleanup are completed in the restrooms and corridor.

    completed gym restrooms

    completed gym corridor

Sept. 28, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: landscaping is being planted around the gym, including in the front swale and in the planter area at the north side of the gym.

    plantings in swale

    plantings in north planter area

    Photo 3: the gym's entry vestibule is nearly completed, awaiting delivery of glazing for the doors.

    gym entry vestibule under construction

    Photo 4: basketball and other court stripes are being painted on the newly-installed wood floor. Two more coats of varnish will be applied after striping is completed.

    striping of gym floor

    Photo 5: the gym restrooms are completed.

    completed gym restrooms

Sept. 21, 2021

  • Photo 1: site work is wrapping up as the contractor grades its laydown area to the north of the gym; hydroseeding and landscaping will take place shortly, including in the swale at the front of the gym.

    completing site work near gym

    Photo 2: a crew member prepares the planting area.

    preparing planting area near gym

    Photos 3 and 4: slats are lined up for the remaining fourth of the wood floor as installation continues.

    wood floor slats lined up for installation

    floor installation progress

    Photo 5: the gym corridor is ready to be wrapped up after final inspections.

    gym corridor

Sept. 14, 2021

  • Photo 1: a crew member assembles a light pole to install on a base. One of several bases is shown at the left.

    assembling light pole

    Photo 2: hardscaping, including walkways and concrete benches, has been constructed at the front of the gym, while fence posts are arranged around its perimeter.

    concrete hardscaping at front of gym

    Photos 3 and 4: the base for the wood floor is starting to be installed; pallets of slats will be assembled over the base.

    crew member installing base for wood floor

    pallets of slat for wood floor

    Photo 5: security cabling installation is being completed in the hallway ceiling.

    installing security cabling

Sept. 8, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: frames are constructed for concrete hardscaping. Lighting bases and fence posts have been installed.

    framing for concrete at front of gym

    crew members add rebar inside framing

    light bases and fence posts installed

    Photos 4 and 5: wood is acclimating inside the gym. Crew members prepare for installation of the floor and touch up finishes.

    gym interior with wood pallets (southeast view)

    gym interior with wood pallets (northwest view)

    Photo 6: security cabling continues to be installed in the hallway ceiling.

    security cabling installation in ceiling

    Photo 7: wall panels and other finishes are being installed in the restroom area.

    finishing gym restroom

Aug. 23, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: finishing of the interior of the gym continues.

    gym interior under construction (facing east)

    gym interior under construction (facing west)

    Photo 3: a crew member works on the wiring for the large ceiling fan in the middle of the gym.

    installation of large ceiling fan

    Photos 4 and 5: finishes include painting of the structural steel along the walls of the gym as well as in the custodian's room.

    painting steel on gym wall

    painting steel in custodian's room

    Photo 6: crew members bring in wall panels for the restroom.

    loading in a restroom wall panel

Aug. 17, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: the entry canopy has been assembled and primed, and most of the glazing has been installed in the storefront windows of the entry vestibule.

    gym entry under construction

    entry storefront with glazing

    Photo 3: inside the gym, all the ceiling tectum is in and the large HVAC ducts are installed across the ceiling.

    finished ceiling and HVAC ductwork

    Photo 4: a crew member prepares the restroom for the epoxy flooring application.

    preparing for epoxy flooring application

    Photo 5: new sidewalk has been poured to cover the utility work to install a storm drain.

    new sidewalk replacement

    Photo 6: construction of the required swale is underway.

    swale construction

Aug. 10, 2021

  • Photo 1: work around the site, including utilities, continues as the work progresses in the gym interior.

    aerial view of gym construction site

    Photo 2: framing for the entry storefront has been installed.

    entry storefront installation

    Photo 3: ceiling tectum and light fixture installation is nearly complete.

    ceiling and lighting work almost finished

    Photo 4: wall boards continue to be measured out and installed.

    installing wall board

    Photo 5: up in the mezzanine, work progresses on the large HVAC ducts.

    working on HVAC ducts

    Photo 6: all HVAC will be connected to the large mechanical unit and air handler.

    HVAC mechanical unit and air handler

    Photo 7: crew members install an uncooperative post for stair railings into the concrete.

    installing stair railing post

Aug. 6, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: finishes continue to be installed inside the gym, including:.

    • sheetrocking of the entry ceiling and installation of the security panel;

    gym entry finishes

    • installation of tectum tiles over the grid in the gym ceiling;

    ceiling tectum tile installation

    • and the lighting fixtures above the gym.

    installing lighting fixture

July 30, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: work has begun to install the roof panels on top of the entry canopy.

    northwest corner of gym

    working on gym entry canopy

    Photos 3 and 4: inside the gym, crew members start boarding up the interior walls.

    crew members install board over insulation

    start of installation of wall finishes

    Photos 5 and 6: wall finishes are nearly complete in the PE teacher's office and storage area and in the hallway.

    nearly-completed PE teacher's office

    gym hallway

    Photo 7: in the mezzanine, a crew member continues with installation of the HVAC mechanical unit and air handler connections.

    working on HVAC mechanical unit connections

    Photo 8: at the front of the main entrance to the school, security hardware has been installed to help monitor and control access into the building.

    installation of entry security hardware

July 14, 2021

  • Photo 1: renovation has started on the entry vestibule to install added security measures.

    entry vestibule security renovation

    Photo 2: access to the entry vestibule will soon require identification and monitored entry via a control panel.

    security access panel

    Photo 3: work continues as much as possible while awaiting delivery of delayed exterior wall panels.

    exterior of gym under construction

    Photo 4: electrical conduit hangs from the ceiling of the hallway.

    electrical conduit hangs from ceiling

    Photo 5: inside the gym, rings hang from the ceiling in preparation for installation of HVAC ductwork.

    interior view of gym construction

    Photo 6: pipework enables connections to the street utilities.

    installation of sewer line

June 29, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: exterior wall panels have arrived and are being installed by the crew.

    exterior wall panels on gym

    crew members installing exterior wall panels

    Photo 3: a protective barrier is being placed against the brick wall of the gym in preparation for an upcoming concrete pour of a walkway.

    installing protective barrier on brick wall

    Photo 4: the ceiling grid is being installed under the gym roof.

    installing ceiling grid under gym roof

    Photo 5: a view of the gym interior showing crew members installing ceiling grid inside and other crew members installing wall panels outside.

    interior view of gym construction

June 22, 2021

  • Photo 1: roof panels have been installed, providing protection from the weather.

    aerial view of gym roof panels

    Photo 2: crew members install framing for the exterior wall panels, expected to be delivered and installed next week.

    installing framing for gym exterior wall panels

    Photo 3: each piece of the wall panel framing must be bolted together and measured to ensure accurate installation.

    bolting framing piece

    Photo 4: the interior of the gym so far shows framing up for the interior walls and the underside of the roof panels.

    construction progress of gym interior

    Photo 5: plumbing work continues for the sinks in the restroom area.

    plumbing for restroom sinks

June 14, 2021

  • Photo 1: plastic sheeting is wrapped and heat-sealed around the gym to provide protection for interior work until exterior panels are delivered and installed.

    installing plastic sheathing around gym frame

    Photos 2 and 3: framing, reinforced steel bars and styrofoam molds for the concrete benches have been set up on both sides of the gym.

    framing for concrete bench on north side

    framing for concrete bench on south side

    Photo 4: a crew member installs conduit for the scoreboard electrical box.

    installing scoreboard electrical conduit

June 8, 2021

June 1, 2021

  • Photo 1: the front entry of the gym is taking shape as masonry is completed and framing continues.

    gym entry under construction

    Photo 2: a crew member solders copper pipe for fire sprinklers in the ceiling.

    soldering copper pipe

    Photo 3: the perfect job on a 95-degree day - washing off newly-installed brick on the gym wall.

    washing brick wall

    Photo 4: this interior view of the gym shows all the framing work at the front vestibule, restroom, utility room, PE room, and mezzanine areas.

    interior framing toward gym front

    Photo 5: on the mezzanine, duct installation continues on the HVAC mechanical unit.

    HVAC mechanical unit on mezzanine

May 25, 2021

  • Photo 1: masonry continues on the exterior walls of the gym. On the mezzanine, crew members continue to connect ductwork to the HVAC mechanical unit.

    aerial view of gym with masonry work

    Photo 2: masons mix mortar for the brick that will be applied to the exterior.

    mixing mortar for masonry

    Photo 3: inside the gym, framing continues. Ring clamps have been installed in the ceiling that will hold the large HVAC ducts overhead.

    interior view of gym construction

    Photo 4: plumbing lines are being connected for the sinks in the restroom area.

    plumbing lines for restroom sinks

May 17, 2021

  • Photo 1: this aerial view shows the HVAC mechanical unit placed on the mezzanine floor and the ductwork that extends above the restroom and entry areas.

    aerial view of gym mezzanine under construction

    Photo 2: brick has started to be installed over the exterior sheathing.

    brick work has begun

    Photo 3: exterior sheathing has been applied all around the lower half of the gym, ready for brickwork.

    aerial view of gym with exterior sheathing

May 10, 2021

  • Photo 1: an aerial view of the gym construction so far shows placement of the mechanical unit in the mezzanine area and installation of exterior siding around the gym.

    aerial view of gym construction

    Photo 2: crew members install one of the final panels of exterior siding.

    exterior siding installation

    Photo 3: a crew member carries an HVAC duct to be installed in the mezzanine area.

    crew member carries HVAC duct

    Photo 4: the mezzanine and entry areas of the gym shows the ductwork installed so far.

    ductwork in gym mezzanine

May 3, 2021

  • Photo 1: crew members install an HVAC duct and attach it to hanging guy wires in the entry vestibule area of the gym.

    installing HVAC duct

    Photo 2: a third member of the crew at left double-checks the alignment of the duct.

    checking duct alignment

    Photo 3: a view of the gym structure toward the school (west). In the foreground are framing materials.

    view of gym construction to west

    Photo 4: an aerial view of the southwest corner of the gym shows the work installing the floor of the mezzanine and the exterior insulation panels.

    construction at southwest corner of gym

April 19, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: a crew has started painting the structural steel of the gym. The painted columns and beams will remain exposed in the gym interior.

    interior view of gym construction

    crew members painting gym steel

    Photo 3: the base of the mezzanine floor is built; the air handler unit will be lifted to this area once the floor is completed. In the foreground, pipes for the bathrooms stand up from the foundation.

    gym mezzanine and corridor construction

    Photo 4: an aerial view of the construction and painting so far.

    aerial view of gym construction progress

April 12, 2021

  • Photo 1: a cross-beam is being placed by crew members onto the roof after it was craned up. On the ground, a crew member prepares another beam for lifting.

    placing roof beam

    Photo 2: crew members guide another cross-beam into place.

    guiding roof beam into place

    Photo 3: bolts on the roof beams are being tightened.

    tightening roof beam bolts

    Photo 4: edging is being installed on the roof beams.

    installing roof edging

April 5, 2021

  • Photo 1: structural steel has been delivered and is being arranged in its proper places on the gym foundation. Erection of the steel will soon follow.

    structural steel placed for erection

    Photo 2: concrete anchors are also placed around the site to help secure the steel columns as they are erected.

    concrete anchors being placed

March 22, 2021

  • Photo 1: the concrete in the gym foundation is curing. Structural steel is expected to be delivered on March 29, after which the building skeleton will start to be erected.

    foundation concrete is curing

March 16, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: concrete is poured over the foundation slab as crew members smooth it out over the reinforcing bar on the base. After curing and the delivery of steel, the gym structure will start being erected.

    aerial view of concrete pour for foundation

    crew member pour and smooth concrete

    half of the foundation is poured

March 8, 2021

  • Photo 1: rebar has been placed across the foundation membrane to reinforce the concrete that will be poured over it.

    aerial view of rebarred foundation area

    Photo 2: the rebar is re-measured and adjusted as the final section is put together.

    re-measuring and adjusting rebar

March 1, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: crew members install rebar inside the frames for the concrete footings. A pour is expected early next week.

    aerial view of concrete framing around foundation area

    a crew member adjusts position of rebar

    crew members adjust and secure rebar frames

Feb. 22, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: trenching has started around the foundation area to begin framing of forms for the concrete footings. The concrete pour is expected shortly afterward.

    aerial view of trenching around foundation area

    overhead aerial view of gym foundation pad

Feb. 16, 2021

  • Photo 1: the recent snow has started melting over the gym construction site as work continues on laying utility pipe.

    aerial view of snow-touched gym construction site

    Photo 2: in this section that will serve the gym bathrooms, newly-installed utility pipes stand above the recent snow.

    installed utility pipes for gym bathrooms

Feb. 8, 2021

  • Photo 1: crew members lay pipe in a trench leading from the foundation area to a utility box.

    aerial view of pipe laying

    Photo 2: markings designate locations for utility lines on the foundation area.

    markings on foundation area

Feb. 2, 2021

  • Photo 1: excavation and grading start to define the gym foundation area.

    aerial view of gym foundation grading

    Photo 2: a crew member measures the elevation of the graded area.

    measuring graded area

    Photo 3: crew members continue with trench work.

    crew members work on trench

Jan. 25, 2021

  • Photo 1: utility pipes are ready to be placed in trenches being dug around the gym site.

    utility pipes to be installed

    Photo 2: aerial view of the gym construction site.

    aerial view of gym construction site

    Photo 3: an excavator backfills a utility trench with gravel.

    excavator backfilling trench

    Photo 4: a crew member smooths out the backfill in this utility trench.

    partially-filled utility trench

Jan. 19, 2021

  • Plastic sheeting and dirt provides a laydown area for construction equipment.

    aerial view of beginning of laydown area

    construction laydown area

Jan. 5, 2021

  • Photo 1: fencing has been erected around the gym site as the contractor mobilizes to prepare for construction. Storm/sanitary pipes are being delivered to the site. 

    mobilization on gym construction site

    Photo 2: a crew member cuts wood for signage on the site.

    cutting wood for sign

    Photo 3: construction paint marks the path of some underground communications cables.

    construction paint markings


  • Jan. 4, 2021 - contractor has begun to mobilize, with fencing, erosion control and staging of equipment.

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