HOA Forecasting

Helpful forecasting tips

  • Students are advised to plan ahead and forecast carefully.  A significant amount of time and effort is devoted to giving students their first-choice electives (or alternates).  The offering and staffing of courses will be dependent on the requests made during spring registration.  Students are expected to take and complete the classes they have requested. 

    Things to Remember:

    • All students must forecast for a minimum of eight classes.
    • If you are participating in an OSAA sport you need to be registered for a minimum of five classes.
    • NHS students must be enrolled in 3 letter graded credits each semester.
    • Students who do not complete their forecasting sheet will have classes chosen for them based on class availability.

    Schedule Correction Procedures:

    Schedule corrections will be considered  for the following reasons only:

    • Student needs to take a required course for graduation
    • Student was placed in an inappropriate course/skill level
    • Student has a “see counselor” note or incomplete schedule

    Schedule corrections will not be made for:

    • Lunch requests
    • Teacher requests
    • Peer requests
    • AP courses (the expectation is that students who forecast for an AP class complete the entire course)
    • Changing unwanted electives
    • Early release/late arrival
    • Athletics
    • Changing unwanted core class(es), such as a fourth year of math or science

If you are returning to your neighborhood school next year, please click on the appropriate link (school name) below to get your forecasting information.