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    Staff has provided responses to your comments and questions below. While some concerns are beyond the scope of the boundary adjustment process and some will need to be looked into further once the boundaries are set, these preliminary responses are based on what we know now.

    Replies have been grouped into general categories for brevity.


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  • as of March 31, 5 p.m.

    survey results as of 3/31/21

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  • My family and I live within the older part of North Plains. We are happy with the proposed boundary.

    I have no major thoughts or concerns about the proposed boundaries

    I am fine with the boundaries however there are not a lot of child care providers in the North plains area. I am concerned that if my children are in the new school area they will not have the ability to get to their child care provider. This is critical as my son has adhd and behaviors that make change a hard thing.

    As a parent, we should have the option of which school we want to enroll our child into if we are in the city boundary of north plains.


  • Will busing be provided to the local child care providers in North Plains?

    I do have a question for HSD on whether or not they've considered how the unavoidable smell that wafts over from the Recology compost facility right behind the school could impact daily life for students and faculty. Has this been considered? It's not a small issue and should be looked into, if it hasn't already.

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