Find My Home School

  • Your child(ren) are expected to attend the school that is assigned to your home address. To identify your "home school," click on the Find My School Locator Tool below:

    Transportation Logo

    (enter "guest" as user name and "guest" as your password)

    Please only select grades KF-12

    >> Read full instructions

    Please Note:

    When looking for school of residence within the new South Hillsboro development, please call 503-844-1123, option 3, to reach our routing department for the most up to date information.  

Entering Kindergarten?

  • For families with students entering kindergarten, follow these instructions to find the school in your attendance area:

    Transportation Logo

    • Click on the Find My School Locator Tool linked on the image above, or click here.
    • Type ‘guest’ (without quotations) under the username and password.
    • On the Select a grade dropdown, select code KF.
    • Enter your address under house number, street, and zip code.
    • Generate the school/transportation information by clicking the Find School/Transportation Info.
    • Your school of residence will be an elementary school.
    • Note: Each elementary school is part of a Feeder Group. A Feeder Group is a string of elementary schools that 'feed' into a middle school(s) and a high school (For Example, your elementary school could be Quatama Elementary School. Quatama feeds into Poynter Middle School and Liberty High School. Quatama is part of the Liberty Feeder).

    For a full list of elementary schools and their feeder, click here!