Sept. 10, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: scaffolding has been removed from the areas of work around the auxiliary gym for the EIFS replacement. Coming soon is the final coating to seal the EIFS.

    finished EIFS installation 1

    finished EIFS installation 2

    finished EIFS installation 3

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Aug. 11, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: the skin coating is being applied on the new EIFS; when this is completed, scaffolding will start to be taken down.

    working on EIFS in scaffolded areas

    applying skin coating to new EIFS

Aug. 3, 2021

  • Photo 1: scaffolding encircles the sections of the building near the auxiliary gym that are undergoing the phase 2 EIFS installation.

    scaffolding around EIFS work areas

July 27, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: EIFS work continues on the north side of the school adjacent to the auxiliary gym.

    scaffolding around northeast side of CHS building

    crew members attaching EIFS insulation boards

    Photo 3: final painting completes the EIFS work on the theatre section of the building

    completed EIFS work on theatre section

July 15, 2021

  • Photo 1: the EIFS replacement on the exterior of the theatre area is complete.

    removing scaffolding boards

    Photos 2-4: work progresses on replacing the EIFS on other sections of the school building.

    EIFS replacement on east side of building

    EIFS replacement on north side of auxiliary gym

    EIFS replacement on east portion of auxiliary gym corridor

July 6, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: scaffolding boards are being removed from the top of the completed theater wing and lowered by a large forklift.

    removing scaffolding boards

    crew members lift scaffolding board

    Photo 3: work continues in the auxiliary theatre wing.

    continued EIFS renovation work

June 30, 2021

  • Photo 1: on the theater wing, the styrofoam insulation layer has been installed and crew members are now applying a concrete slurry mix to the exterior walls.

    applying concrete slurry to exterior walls

    Photo 2: at the back of the auxiliary gym, base coating has been applied to most of the exterior walls.

    base coating of auxiliary gym exterior

June 22, 2021

  • Photo 1: scaffolding surrounds the auxiliary gym area at the back of the school where the old EIFS has been removed and the base coating applied to most of the area.

    scaffolding around auxiliary gym area

    Photos 2 and 3: the base coating has been applied around the theatre wing and EIFS membrane panels are ready to be installed.

    scaffolding around theater wing

    EIFS panels ready to be installed over base

June 15, 2021

  • Photo 1: a base coat (blue) for the new EIFS siding has been added to the southeast corner of the building (auditorium area).

    southeast corner of Century building

    Photo 2: at the very top of the building, a crew member applies a weatherproofing coat (black) at the edge of the roof and side walls to prevent water intrusion. Weatherproofing will be applied at all seams of the building.

    applying weatherproofing coat to building

    Photos 3 and 4: on the northeast corner of the building (auxiliary gym area), stripping of the old EIFS is well underway.

    northeast corner of Century building stripped of EIFS

    northeast back of Century building stripped of EIFS

June 7, 2021

  • Photos 1-3: up on the scaffolding, crew members burn off the remaining styrofoam, while below, others mix the "mud" that will be placed over the exposed walls.

    view of EIFS work area

    burning off EIFS styrofoam remains

    mixing concrete mud for walls

    Photo 4: scaffolding and netting have been installed in the second work area.

    scaffolding set up in second work area

June 1, 2021

  • Photo 1: a crew member builds up the scaffolding near the HVAC mechanical units at the back of the school to prepare this area for EIFS removal.

    building scaffolding

    Photo 2: in the first area (theater), nearly all of the EIFS styrofoam layer has been removed.

    EIFS removal at southeast corner

May 26, 2021

  • Photo 1: scaffolding and netting now wrap the full corner of the auditorium building for EIFS replacement. The netting keeps the removed EIFS close to the building.

    scaffolding and netting around building

    Photo 2: crew members work along the scaffolding to remove the EIFS.

    crew members on scaffolding remove EIFS

    Photo 3: removing the EIFS requires scraping off the top hard coating, then the styrofoam underneath.

    removing EIFS from side of building

    Photo 4: the remaining glue along the side of the building will need to be scraped off before adding the replacement EIFS.

    siding glue remnants on side of building

May 18, 2021

  • Scaffolding surrounds the corner of the building where the first section of the EIFS siding will be replaced.

    scaffolding around building

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