July 1, 2022

  • Photos 1-3: a section of damaged sidewalk is being repaired with new concrete.

    pouring concrete for sidewalk panel

    smoothing out concrete sidewalk panel

    finishing new concrete sidewalk panel

Sept. 21, 2021

  • Photo 1: the new entry vestibule is nearly complete. Security hardware is being installed to monitor and limit access into the building.

    entry vestibule doors

    Photo 2: glazing and door for the entry vestibule have been installed after a delay. Once complete, visitors will need to check in at the main office window through the entry vestibule to be granted access into the building.

    glazing on entry vestibule

Aug. 3, 2021

  • Photo 1: the new entry vestibule awaits a delayed shipment of glazing, but it's still ready for visitors. The glazing is expected to arrive later this month and will be installed in September outside of the school day.

    new entry vestibule pending glazing

    Photo 2: visitors will check in at this window at the main office.

    check-in window at main office

July 27, 2021

  • Photo 1: this aerial view shows the completed half-road improvements, as required by the county, constructed at the front of the school, including new sidewalk and re-paved areas of the driveways.

    aerial view of half-road improvements

    Photo 2: the main office is being renovated to add a check-in and monitoring window for the new secure entry vestibule.

    main office renovation for entry vestibule

    Photo 3: the security cabling that is being installed hangs from the vestibule construction.

    security cabling in entry vestibule

July 23, 2021

  • Photos 1-2: a crew member measures out and installs new carpet in the renovated entry vestibule.

    carpet installation at entry vestibule

    measuring carpet at entry vestibule

    Photo 3: road improvements are nearly complete after re-paving of the driveways and the street along the sidewalk. Remaining work is connection of electrical utility boxes that will power the new light poles.

    finished driveway

July 15, 2021

  • Photo 1: the sidewalk replacement at the front of the school is complete; next are re-paving of the driveway and half-street.

    completed sidewalk replacement

    Photo 2: the grass strip adjacent to the new sidewalk is begin backfilled to replace removed dirt.

    dirt backfilling of grass strip

July 6, 2021

  • Photos 1 and 2: after removal of the sidewalk, parts of the driveway and road have been sawcut; adjacent trees also have been cut.

    road construction at front of school

    sawcut driveway

June 30, 2021

  • Photo 1: the sidewalk along Rock Road has been broken up.

    breaking up sidewalk along road

    Photo 2: a crew member creates a narrow trench in the sidewalk area.

    boring a trench

    Photo 3: the temporary main entrance into the building has been set up.

    temporary main school entrance

    Photo 4: the structural framing for the new vestibule has been erected.

    structural framing for new vestibule

June 22, 2021

  • Preparations have begun for construction work on the entry vestibule and the road improvements at the front of the school.

    Photo 1: a temporary entrance is being built so that the existing entry vestibule can be demolished. A secure entry vestibule that allows better monitoring of access into the school will be built in its place.

    temporary entrance construction

    Photo 2: temporary fencing is being placed to block off areas of work for road improvements required as part of the County's land use approval for the bond projects. Improvements include new parking lot lighting, sidewalk replacement and repacing of the road at the front of the school.

    temporary fencing near road