HSD 2021 Welcome Back Relay

HSD 2021 Welcome Back Relay

  • UPDATE 8/19/2021: The Hillsboro Rotary 2021 Hometown Heroes Parade is canceled, more.

    Because HSD students have not been in school full-time since mid-March 2020, we have been brainstorming ways to celebrate their return this fall and make a big splash. Our fabulous idea is to leverage the Olympics and mimic the torch run with a four-day relay race that will stop at each school! 

    We will officially kick-off and advertise the event at the Hometown Heroes Parade in downtown Hillsboro on Saturday, August 28. The Proud to be HSD Trailer will be decorated with race banners, and staff/students walking in the parade will be carrying small replica torches, wearing commemorative race bibs, and throwing out blue Proud to be HSD Frisbees evoking the Olympic rings. 

    The relay will take place Monday through Thursday, August 30 through September 2, beginning at 9 a.m. each day at the indicated location. There are 48 identified legs covering approximately 72 miles. Students, staff, families and community members are welcome to sign up to run one or more legs. Students under 18 will have to run with at least one other person for safety reasons, preferably an adult, and will not be allowed to run rural legs. 

    Volunteers will be stationed along the route to provide water, directions, encouragement, and safe passage to the runners. Marked vehicles and/or bicycles will also follow/shadow the runners at all times for safety. 

    Once runners reach a school site, Communications staff will assist them in affixing a personalized welcome back banner to their fence and we will take pictures for the District website, school website, and social media. 

    If you are interested in participating as a runner or volunteer, please fill out this registration form by Wednesday, August 25. Thank you!

Relay Legs

  • Monday, Aug. 30 - approx. 15.7 miles

  • Tuesday, Aug. 31 - approx. 26.7 miles

  • Wednesday, Sep. 1 - approx. 17.5 miles

  • Thursday, Sep. 2 - approx. 10.3 miles


  • Route details provided in the expanding table below the race description.

    • Monday, Aug. 30 - Relay kick-off at North Plains Elementary School, 9am
      • NPES to AFES
      • AFES to WUES
      • WUES to LHS
      • LHS to LXES
      • LXES to QUES
      • QUES to ORES
      • ORES to TOES
      • TOES to IHES
      • IHES to BMS
    • Tuesday, Aug. 31 - Relay kick-off at R.A. Brown Middle School, 9am
      • BMS to IMES
      • IMES to CHS
      • CHS to LAES
      • LAES to REES
      • REES to BCES
      • BCES to GRK8
      • GRK8 to FVES
      • FVES to MBES
      • MBES to HHS
    • Wednesday, Sep. 1 - Relay kick-off at Hilhi, 9am
      • HHS to SMMS
      • SMMS to WHES
      • WHES to RDES
      • RDES to BKES
      • BKES to HEES
      • HEES to MEC, HBP & Pathways Center
      • MEC, HBP & Pathways Center to MEC East
      • MEC East to FOES
      • FOES to MKES
      • MKES to GHS
      • GHS to PAES
    • Thursday, Sep. 2 - Relay kick-off at Patterson Elementary School, 9am
      • PAES to EMS
      • EMS to JKES
      • JKES to HOA
      • HOA to LSES
      • LSES to MOES
      • MOES to PMS
      • PMS to EWES
      • EWES to O-ACE
      • O-ACE to HSD AC
    • Closing ceremony 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. at the HSD Administration Center