• Support for Social Emotional Health If you need to talk to a counselor or need support from your counselor HSD website for social and emotional health supports

    Check in with our Wellness Counselor- Aleja Graham Ubaldo Paz 

    Check in with our Youth Contact Counselor- Britney Muir

    Reach out to your guidanccounselor who can connect you with more support:

    Family and Community Resources If your family is in need of materials and supplies, support with technology, or just support in general.

    Contact our Family Outreach Liaison- Miguel A. Cholula Hernandez

    Request Technology If your student is in need of a chromebook or internet access.

    • Please check out a chromebook from our technology facilitator
    • We are now offering waivers for free Comcast essentials. For more information, please contact Miguel Cholula.

    Technology Supports If your student is running into issues using their chromebook and/or accessing Google classroom.

    Academic Supports Students seeking support with their classes should do the following.

    • Attend office hours with their teacher or contact their teacher via email or Google classroom: Staff Directory
    • Connect with their grade level graduation coach or administrator: Administration