Aug. 29, 2022

  • Photos 1 and 2: window installation in the classroom wings is complete, with just finishing touches remaining, in time for the start of school. Blinds will be installed shortly.

    installed windows on north side classroom wing

    installed windows on courtyard classrooms

    Photo 3: a crew member applies the final caulking on the new windows.

    caulking windows

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Aug. 22, 2022

  • Photo 1: windows at the front of the school and the office area are completely installed.

    installed windows at front of school

    Photo 2: looking outside from the staff workroom.

    windows in staff workroom

    Photo 3: a crew member adds weatherstripping around the windows to seal them.

    adding weatherstripping to windows

    Photo 4: windows awaiting weatherstripping and other finishing touches.

    windows awaiting weatherstripping

Aug. 9, 2022

  • Photo 1: Groner's shipment of windows has arrived, and a set is already installed in the office area.

    installed windows in office area

    Photo 2: a window is carefully forklifted off a cart for installation at the front of the school.

    lifting window off cart

    Photo 3: crew members gently guide and carry the window to be placed inside its frame in a classoom section.

    guiding window to be installed

    Photo 4: installation of the window as viewed from inside the classroom.

    window installation view from inside

July 19, 2022

  • Photo 1: weatherproofing and trim work has started at the front of the building to prepare for the window glazing when delivered.

    window weatherproofing work at front of building

    installing weatherproofing on window frames

July 12, 2022

  • Photo 1: old windows have been removed from the front building and plywood temporarily installed for security.

    old windows removed from front building

    Photo 2: plywood also covers the openings in the back of the building.

    plywood covers old window openings

    Photo 3: two new windows have been installed for testing to ensure that the methods for installing seals and weatherproofing have been applied correctly. Once passed, the remaining windows can be installed.

    windows installed for testing

    Photo 4: crew members add trim over seals and weatherproofing to prepare for installation of new windows.

    adding window trim

June 28, 2022

  • Photo 1: crew members remove the old windows from the office area.

    removing old windows

    Photo 2: old windows also have been removed from the courtyard area of the main building.

    old windows removed in courtyard area

    Photo 3: weatherproofing layers are added to the sides of the window openings.

    adding weatherproofing to window sides

    Photo 4: trim is added over the weatherproofing.

    adding window trim