Family & Community Engagement Team/Equipo de Enlace Comunitario

  • dora

    Dorotea López Pérez

    Education Liaison              District's Family & Community


    Early Learning Education Liaison

    Luciana Ribeiro

    Luciana Ribeiro
    Lincoln Street, McKinney,
    Witch Hazel                Office:503-844-6121
    Cell: 971.245.4129

    Eastwood, Free Orchards, Minter Bridge, Mooberry



    Courtney, Gibb

    Courtney Gibb
    Education Liaison
    503.844.1500 Ext. 2507


    Graduation Coach
    503.844.1000 Ext. 2523
    Andres Herrejon Chavez

    Andres Herrejon Chavez
    McKinney-Vento Liaison
    503.844.1500 Ext. 2505



    Migrant Program Support Staff

    Leona Guthrie
    Migrant Program Teacher on Special Assignment
      Laura Ramirez
    Education Liaison/ Preschool Specialist
    Lourdes Salas Lourdes Salas
    Migrant Program Data Specialist
    503.844.1447 Ext. 6147
        Jessica Servin
    Education Liaison/Recruiter for Liberty Schools
    Paulina Zambrano Paulina Zambrano
    Secretary 3
      Maya Cipriano
    Education Liaison/Recuiter for Hilhi Schools

    Salomón Acosta
    Education Liaison/Recruiter for Century & Glencoe Feeder


    Family & Community Outreach Liaisons

    Stefany Moreno 

    Stefany Moreno
    Mooberry Elementary
    503.844.1640 Ext. 2947


    Yanina Bermúdez
    Brookwood Elementary
    503.844.1715 Ext. 4840

    Gabriel Herencia

    Gabriel Herencia Carrasco
    Butternut Creek Elementary

      Idania Romo
    Reedville Elementary
    503.844.1570 Ext. 3419
    Erika Diaz Tofaeono Erika Diaz-Tofaeono
    Minter Bridge Elementary
    503.844.1650 Ext. 2645
    Brenda Guzman Brenda Guzman
    Witch Hazel Elementary
    503.844.1500 Ext. 4227
    Lincoln Street Elementary
    503.844.1500 Ext. 5607
      Asusena Arreola
    Eastwood Elementary
    503.844.1725 Ext. 6324
      Sara Sara Santiago
    Free Orchards Elementary
    503.844.1145 Ext. 5505
    Reyna Lara Barajas Reyna Lara Barajas
    McKinney Elementary
    503.844.1660 Ext. 2498
    WL Henry Elementary & District Office
    503.844.1500 Ext. 2188
    Guadalupe Pedraza Guadalupe Pedraza
    South Meadows Middle School

    Secondary Family Engagement Support Specialists

    Family Outreach Liaison
    Century High School
    503.844.1800 Ext. 1832
      Miguel Cholula Hernandez Miguel Cholula Hernandez
    EL Case Manager
    Hillsboro High School
    503.844.1500 Ext. 3737
      Saul Rojas
    Family Outreach Liaison/ Bilingual Assistant
    Glencoe High School
      Anthony  Anthony Suarez
    Family Outreach Liaison/ Bilingual Assistant
    Liberty High School
    503.844.1250 Ext. 7019

    Office of School Performance Graduation Coaches


    Yolanda Kinion
    Graduation Coach: Migrant Ed Middle School        Poynter Middle School          503-844-1580  Ext.  4650

      Huber Echeverría

    Huber Echeverría
    Graduation Coach: Migrant Ed Middle School
    R.A Brown Middle School


    Jennifer Cooper     
    Graduation Coach:
    Migrant Ed Middle School
    South Meadows Middle School
    503-844-1220 ext. 5976


    Adriana Rocha
    Graduation Coach: Migrant Ed Middle School
    Evergreen Middle School
    503-844-1400 ext.3912



    Latino Youth Program


    Miriam Miranda Diaz
    Student Support & Wellness Counselor
    503.844.1500 Ext. 6174

      Marianna Roman

    Marianna Roman
    Family Outreach Liaison & Interpreter









  • Olga Acuña
    Olga Acuña
    Director of Federal Programs and Family and Community Engagement

    Administration Center
    3083 NE 49th Place #200
    Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-6009
    Phone: 503-844-1500
    FAX: 503-844-1782

Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors

  • Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors Releases Spanish-language Video to Support Immigrant Parents
    Abriendo Puertas/Opening Doors Releases Spanish-language Video to Support Immigrant Parents