• Playing in high school sports has never been safer! Our coaches are mandated to complete a series of trainings through the Oregon School Activities Association. Many of these trainings are annual and cover a variety of topics from Heat Index and Concussions to Fundamentals of Coaching and sport specific safety trainings. The OSAA also requires schools to comply with various regulations to keep participant safety at the forefront.

    In addition to enhanced coach training and OSAA safety standards our athletes benefit from having an Athletic Trainer on site. Each High School is provided an athletic trainer who works most afternoons during practice and game times. Although the trainers can’t be at every game or practice, they are available for follow up injury assessments and physical therapy to help athletes return to play. If you suspect your child could use an injury assessment please contact your Athletic Director and they will help you to arrange the service at school.

    Athletes that compete in sports with a higher incident level of concussions are provided an Impact test. Impact testing happens prior to the season as a baseline assessment and is used should a participant sustain a suspected concussion during the season. If the trainer is present at the time of a possible concussion they will assess the athlete and determine whether an athlete is able to return to play. In the absence of the trainer, the coach will make the determination. If a suspected concussion has occurred it is always recommended to get evaluated by your personal doctor. Upon confirmation of a concussion the trainer will oversee the Return To Play Protocol.

    In addition to the aforementioned safeguard, we also have Emergency Action Plans that provide us with a blueprint of procedures and resources at each venue where our participants perform.