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  • The Elementary and Secondary Education department is directly responsible for the oversight of our schools.  Assistant Superintendent Dayle Spitzer oversees high schools as well as alternative and options programs. Executive Director Audrea Neville oversees middle and some elementary schools, and Executive Director Francesca Sinapi oversees the balance of elementary schools.  All employ a rigorous accountability system for schools and principals that focuses on the five dimensions of teaching and learning: Purpose, Student Engagement, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Assessment for Student Learning, and Classroom Environment and Culture; development and adherence to a School Improvement Plan; and specific attention on equitable outcomes for historically underserved students.

    Audrea Neville Executive Director Audrea Neville has served in the Hillsboro School District for 18 years. She has held roles as elementary principal (3 years, Patterson Elementary), assistant principal, and as a teacher at R.A. Brown and Poynter Middle Schools. One of her exciting projects is a redesign of middle schools to help better prepare students for high school success.
    Executive Director Francesca Sinapi

    Executive Director Francesca Sinapi began her educational career 28 years ago as a teacher assistant in the Baldwin Park School District in California. In 2013, Francesca joined the Hillsboro School District as principal of Ladd Acres Elementary School. At Ladd Acres, she created a schedule that allowed for collaboration among specialists and grade-level teachers and implemented a year-round after-school enrichment program serving more than 300 students per quarter. She is strongly committed to providing opportunities that lead to equitable outcomes for students, and she is highly skilled in instructional best practices, teamwork, collaboration, and relationship-building. Welcome Francesca!

    Dayle, Audrea and Francesca are passionate, student-focused educational leaders who are focused on establishing and supporting continuous learning for improvement.


  • Francesca Sinapi 
    Executive Director of Schools
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    Audrea Neville
    Executive Director of Schools
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    Dayle Spitzer
    Assistant Superintendent
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