Secure Entry Vestibules

  • All buildings now have secure entry vestibules with a second, inner set of doors between the main entrance/office and the rest of the building. Visitors must ring the video doorbell outside and announce themselves to the main office staff for prescreening. Staff then determines whether to grant entry by remotely unlocking the main door. (Visitors to the Administration Center check in with the receptionist directly.)

    Once inside, the inner doors prevent visitors, including volunteers, from going beyond the main office without proper identification, vetting and authorization. These doors are kept locked so that authorization and/or electronic card access are required to access the rest of the building.

    Entry vestibules were constructed as part of new construction, major building renovations or as stand-alone projects throughout the years of the bond. Here are some examples:

    Lincoln Street Elementary
    A special feature of this vestibule is the repetition of the arch that is an architectural element of the main entrance to the school.

    Entry vestibule at Lincoln Street

    View of Lincoln Street vestibule toward main entrance

    Hillsboro High School

    Main office entry at Hilhi

    Evergreen Middle School

    Evergreen Middle School main entrance