Communication Systems

  • DAS—one of the earliest projects of the bond was to install distributed antenna systems, or DAS, where needed to ensure public safety communication radios would operate in all parts of the building, as required by code. DAS eliminated “dead zones” where radio signals did not reach, particularly in large buildings with a lot of concrete. This is especially important when our safety partners need to use their radios to communicate with each other during an incident or emergency.


    Lockout/lockdown buttonsLockout/lockdown strobe lights

    Alerts—in addition to fire alarms (evacuating the building), systems are in place for staff to issue lockouts using a red alert light and announcement (this means exterior doors are kept locked to prohibit any entry, usually if there’s an incident outside the building) and lockdowns using a blue alert light and announcement (students and staff remain in their rooms or offices while exterior doors
    allow entry to emergency responders to respond to an incident inside the building). Strobes also have been installed at Groner
    Elementary to ensure students in the deaf and hard-of-hearing program have clear visual alerts to go along with the auditory warnings, especially when they are outside the building.


    Paging Systems—currently in progress, new paging systems are being installed at all buildings to enable staff to quickly communicate an emergency situation throughout the building from any phone. These upgrades help to ensure a rapid, appropriate response and action by everyone in the building.