May 25, 2023

  • Photo 1: this aerial photo shows the completion of roofing work on top of the building. In the foreground, the covered play area has been fully roofed.

    aerial view of construction so far

    Photo 2: crew members distribute rock ballast on the rooftop. The ballast offers protection from heat and wind, and distributes weight across the roof. After being hauled up via a loader, the rock is distributed across the roof with a spreader and evened out with rakes.

    distributing roof rock

    Photo 3: the outdoor learning area is being framed for a concrete pour. Seating "boulders" are moved to their designated places.

    framing outdoor learning area

    Photo 4: the gym ceiling is being painted as a crew member outside checks the window seals now that the exterior brick has been installed.

    painting gym ceiling

    Photo 5: sheetrock is being custom-cut in the think tank area.

    sheetrocking think tank area

    Photo 6: projectors are being installed in all classrooms, part of the classroom technology package.

    installing classroom projector

    Photo 7: the elevator has been installed and ready to be wired up.

    installed elevator

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May 19, 2023

  • Photos 1 and 2: these aerial photos show the site work in progress, including hardscaping for the playground, roofing for the covered play structure, and the solar panels recently installed on the building.

    aerial view of construction so far

    aerial view of solar panels on building

    Photo 3: crew members frame the area for the base of the playground swings.

    framing for swing area

    Photo 4: sheetrocking continues throughout the building interior, including tricky cutting and placement around the cafeteria area ceiling.

    sheetrocking around cafeteria ceiling

    Photo 5: concrete is buffed along learning street to prepare for polishing.

    buffing concrete along learning street

    Photo 6: the glass doors have been installed for entry into the STEAM lab.

    glass doors for STEAM lab

    Photo 7: sheetrocking of the pylons along learning street is nearly complete to prepare for installation of graphic murals.

    sheetrocked pylons along learning street

    Photo 8: crew members install large HVAC ductwork along a second-floor classroom hallway.

    HVAC duct installation in classroom hallway

    Photo 9: installation of tackboards and marker boards follow after painting of classrooms.

    installing tackboard in classroom

May 12, 2023 - Site Walk-through

May 5, 2023

  • Photo 1: roofing work and hardscaping for the playground area continues.

    aerial view of construction so far

    Photo 2: concrete has been poured for the outdoor learning area.

    concrete for outdoor learning area

    Photo 3: in the gym, sheetrock and low-voltage wiring continue to be installed.

    gym construction so far

    Photo 4: sheetrocking of the pylons along learning street and installation of the ceiling panels underneath has begun.

    construction along learning street

    Photo 5: on the second floor, finishing of the think tank and adjacent learning area continues.

    construction of think tank

    Photo 6: nearly all of the classrooms have been painted, with installation of cabinetry and countertops following the painting.

    painted classroom with cabinetry

April 28, 2023

  • Photo 1: it was a beautiful day for roofing the building and continuing to construct the top of the covered play area.

    aerial view of construction so far

    Photo 2: rubberized pellets have been added to the nearly-complete synthetic turf field.

    aerial view of newly-installed turf field

    Photo 3: crew members work on framing the hardscaping around the playground area.

    framing for hardscaping

    Photo 4: the base of the outdoor learning area is being compacted to prepare for a concrete pour.

    compacting base for outdoor learning area

    Photo 5: windows have been installed and sheetrocking continues in the gym.

    construction in gym

    Photo 6: framing work is in progress under the clerestory windows overlooking the learning street.

    framing under clerestory windows

    Photo 7: a second-floor classroom in the northeast corner is ready for painting.

    classroom prepped for painting

    Photo 8: in a kinder classroom on the first floor, windows have been installed and cabinetry is nearly complete.

    kinder classroom continues to be completed

April 13-14, 2023 - Site Walk-Through and Planning Team Tour

  • Take a walk through the Tamarack construction site in this video:


    Preparing for the School's Opening

    Planning for the school year has started in earnest at Tamarack — one of the highlights is the coordination of STEM and environmental science programming with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). A tour of the project site on Friday, April 14, guided by Principal Christy Walters, provided insight into the available spaces and potential areas for curricular and programming activities.

    In addition to four group learning areas, the school also houses a STEAM lab, video production lab, and a think tank group work area.

    Photo 1: visiting the site were: Dave Laubenthal, OMSI Creative Director; Steve Tritz, OMSI Senior Director of Statewide and Community Engagement; Abby Jones, Tamarack planning teacher (6th grade); Christy Walters, Tamarack principal; and Sharon Angal, Tamarack planning teacher (2nd grade).

    planning group at front of gym

    Photo 2: Ms. Walters highlights features of one of the learning areas and the view of the learning street beyond.

    Walters showing learning area

    Photo 3: 6th-grade teacher Abby Jones sees her new, second-floor classroom for the first time, at the northeast corner of the building.

    teacher Angal in new classroom

    Photo 4: 2nd-grade teacher Sharon Angal claims her new classroom, located in the middle of the second floor.

    teacher Jones in new classroom

    Photo 5: the planning group checks out the area for the think tank, which is just starting to be framed. The think tank will be a glass-enclosed collaborative workspace for student groups to work on and present their projects.

    viewing think tank area

April 6, 2023

  • Photo 1: at the entrance to the school, windows have been framed and crew members are installing sheathing under the canopy.

    construction at front entrance

    Photo 2: the kitchen is getting sheetrocked.

    sheetrocking kitchen area

    Photo 3: concrete has been poured for the steps in the middle of the gym benches.

    concrete gym bench steps

    Photo 4: a crew member determines placement for a plumbing elbow in a second-floor ceiling.

    placing plumbing elbow in ceiling

    Photo 5: plumbing is being installed in a second-floor restroom.

    restroom plumbing installation

    Photo 6: a crew member bends a conduit to fit above the media center.

    bending conduit pipe

    Photo 7: casework is starting to be installed in painted classrooms, including these cubbies and cupboards.

    installing classroom casework

    Photo 8: cabinetry casework is also installed below the windows.

    casework underneath windows

    Photo 9: the culmination of data wiring will be the network room, which will house servers as well as connections to the district's fiber optic network.

    wiring to the network room

March 31, 2023

  • Photo 1: this aerial view shows the start of hardscaping between the field and building as well as continued work on the covered play area and building exterior.

    aerial view of campus construction so far

    Photo 2: masons add brick from the bottom to the top of the exterior of the gym.

    bricklaying on gym exterior

    Photo 3: a crew member prepares for a concrete pour for the steps in the middle of the gym benches.

    preparing concrete pour for gym bench steps

    Photo 4: concrete pours are also taking place on the stairway landings.

    concrete work on stairway landing

    Photo 5: hoods and other equipment are starting to be installed in the kitchen.

    hood installed in kitchen

    Photo 6: a crew member works on the electrical connections to a circuit box.

    connecting circuit box wiring

    Photo 7: the elevator chute has been framed on the second floor.

    framed elevator chute

    Photo 8: after drywall installation and taping is done, painting of the classrooms progresses.

    painting of classroom

    Photo 9: in the courtyard learning area, insulation is being added under the canopy rooftop.

    adding insulation under canopy roof

March 23, 2023

  • Photo 1: framing of the offices shows through the entrance of the school; above, windows are being framed on the second floor.

    front entrance of school under construction

    Photo 2: members of the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee are shown the location of a mural highlighting the spring season of a tamarack forest.

    CBOC members shown mural location

    Photo 3: the bottom portion of the gym's concrete benches have been poured.

    formed concrete benches in gym

    Photo 4: a crew member adds insulation to the overhead plumbing.

    installing overhead pipe insulation

    Photo 5: drywall mud is being smoothed in one of the classrooms.

    smoothing drywall in classroom

    Photo 6: a soffit is being added off of a classroom ceiling.

    adding soffit to classroom ceiling

    Photo 7: HVAC ductwork is being installed in the classroooms.

    installing HVAC in classroom

    Photo 8: crew members continue adding brick to the building exterior.

    bricklaying on building exterior

March 16, 2023

  • Photo 1: construction of the front entrance to the building continues as crew members apply roofing tar above.

    front entrance of school under construction

    Photo 2: a mason applies finishing brick to a corner wall of the courtyard.

    laying brick on courtyard wall

    Photo 3: strips are applied over insulation to provide seam backing for exterior wall panels.

    applying backing strips for wall panels

    Photo 4: one crew member guides data wiring along a holding "basket" while another pulls it through; nearly 15 miles of wiring for devices and access points are being installed throughout the building.

    installing data wiring

    Photo 5: insulation is being cut to size to fit into the wall frames.

    cutting insulation to fit

    Photo 6: crew members cut ductwork pieces to fit the HVAC duct pathways.

    cutting HVAC ductwork

    Photo 7: it's a team effort to fit and connect HVAC duct pieces together.

    connecting HVAC ductwork

    Photo 8: concrete has been poured into the first level of the gym benches.

    concrete fills first level of gym bench

March 8, 2023

  • Photo 1: this aerial view shows continued framing of the front entry and roofwork.

    aerial view of construction to date

    Photo 2: exterior insulation is being applied around the windows along the building's back walls as well as backing strips for the exterior panels.

    installing exterior building insulation

    Photo 3: in the rear courtyard, bricklaying of the wall is nearly complete.

    brickwork along rear courtyard wall

    Photo 4: crew members are constructing the forms for the concrete benches in the gym, surrounded by ductwork yet to be installed.

    constructing concrete forms for gym benches

    Photo 5: framing surrounds one of the second-floor learning areas.

    framing for a learning area

    Photo 6: a crew member works on the plumbing for one of the bathroom areas.

    installing bathroom plumbing

    Photo 7: drywall is cut to fit over the remaining wall framing in one of the classrooms.

    cutting drywall for first-floor classroom

    Photo 8: a second-floor classroom's walls are nearly finished; protective paper covers the concrete floor.

    nearly-finished second-floor classroom

March 2, 2023

  • Photo 1: offices in the administration wing are being framed as the front entrance becomes more defined.

    front entrance of school under construction

    Photo 2: brick is being applied on the exterior of the building; this is the southeast corner of the school building.

    bricklaying along southeast corner of building

    Photo 3: brickwork lines the wall of the rear courtyard.

    brickwork along rear courtyard wall

    Photo 4: windows have now been installed in over half of the building.

    window installation on back of building

    Photo 5: framing is nearly complete along learning street; clerestory windows above the gym will bring in natural daylighting.

    framing constructed along learning street

    Photo 6: drywall installation in the kitchen area is complete.

    sheetrocked kitchen area

    Photo 7: drywall also has been installed on most of the first-floor classroom walls on the west side of the building.

    drywalled classroom

    Photo 8: westside second-floor classrooms are undergoing installation of drywall.

    classroom undergoing drywall installation

Feb. 17, 2023

  • Photos 1 and 2: framing for windows is being constructed. Some windows already have been installed for initial testing against water intrusion; the rest will follow once the installation method has been verified.

    window frame installation on south wall

    initial window installation

    Photos 3 and 4: roof timbers are being installed over the covered play area.

    roofing installation over covered play area

    contractor verifies roof timbers

    Photos 5 and 6: decorative finishing brick is being laid over sheathed exterior walls.

    brick being laid on west wall

    mason lays brick on sheathed wall

    Photos 7 and 8: interior work also continues as crew members install electrical conduit and wiring for lighting, power and security systems.

    crew member installs conduit

    crew member adds wiring in conduit

Feb. 6, 2023

  • Photo 1: drywall is starting to go up in the hallway for the utility rooms as well as the rest of the kitchen area.

    walls in utility room hallway

    Photo 2: overhead work continues in the gym to add fire sprinklers and conduit and to prepare for installation of HVAC ductwork.

    overhead work in gym

    Photo 3: the view of learning street to the east shows framing progress so far of classrooms and other spaces.

    view down learning street to east

    Photo 4: a welder secures roof beams and joists over the administration area.

    welding roof joists

    Photo 5: framing is going up in the office areas in the administration area.

    framing of offices in administration area

    Photo 6: hardscaping is starting to be installed at the front of the school.

    start of hardscape installation

    Photo 7: trees and other landscaping are ready to be planted in the beds of the parent dropoff/parking lot.

    landscaping plants for parent parking lot

    Photo 8: this aerial views shows the progress on the exterior and roofing so far.

    aerial view of construction progress

Jan. 31, 2023 - time lapse

  • A time-lapse video of construction from Feb. 2022 - Jan. 2023:

Jan. 26, 2023

  • Photos 1 and 2: these aerial views show exterior construction progress to date, from the front of the school (facing southeast) and the back of the school (facing northwest).

    aerial view of school construction at front

    aerial view of school construction at back

    Photo 3: crew members prepare a roof section with weatherproofing underlayers where the solar panels will be installed.

    installation of roof underlayers

    Photo 4: masons construct the trash enclosure outside of the kitchen area.

    constructing trash enclosure

    Photo 5: a crew member walks along the first floor of the learning street, in front of where a learning area and the STEAM lab will be constructed.

    first-floor learning street construction

    Photo 6: grids are installed under the roof to secure conduit lines. At the left is a doorframe into what will be an electrical room off of the stairwell.

    adding grid for conduit lines

    Photo 7: a view of learning street and classroom construction so far from the second floor.

    learning street construction viewed from second floor

    Photo 8: the courtyard area at the back of the school is being constructed behind the media center.

    rear courtyard under construction

Jan. 20, 2023

Jan. 12, 2023

  • Photo 1: work continues on framing the administration section of the building.

    framing in administration area

    Photo 2: a view of construction from the second floor along learning street facing west.

    learning street construction facing west

    Photo 3: second-floor classrooms are being enclosed with framing.

    framing second-floor classrooms

    Photo 4: a view of construction from the second floor along learning street facing east; the roofing canopy is nearly halfway done.

    interior construction progress along learning street

    Photo 5: a crew member prepares wiring for ceiling fixtures in the kitchen area.

    installing wiring for ceiling fixtures

    Photo 6: masons construct a concrete enclosure for equipment outside the kitchen area.

    concrete structure for equipment

    Photo 7: this aerial view to the south provides perspective of the extent of construction on the campus, including the site for the covered play area and the start of walkways along the campus.

    aerial view of campus construction toward the southwest

    Photo 7: the view of the campus to the north shows sheathing about halfway complete along the back of the building.

    aerial view of campus construction toward the north

Jan. 5, 2023

  • Photo 1: crew members begin adding forms for concrete pathways between the building and parking lot.

    framing for concrete pathway

    Photo 2: framing is being erected for the first-floor classroom walls along the learning street.

    framing for first-floor classrooms

    Photo 3: on the second floor, framing continues along the perimeter at the back of the building.

    framing for back of building

    Photo 4: the view of learning street toward the east shows the current progress of interior construction.

    interior construction progress along learning street

    Photo 5: masons are building up the play wall between the posts for the covered play area.

    building play wall

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