History of Imlay Elementary School

  • Imlay Elementary School J. B. Imlay arrived in the Reedville area in 1891.  He purchased a warehouse which later became a feed and seed mill.  The building was sold in 1960 to Harvey's Boat Works.  Part of the original building still stands on TV Highway.

    The Imlay family was involved in education in the Reedville District for many years.  The Imlay home served as a temporary residence for visiting ministers of the Reedville Presbyterian Church and for teachers teaching in the Reedville School District. Two of the Imlay's daughters taught at Witch Hazel School.  One of the sons, George, was a member of the Reedville School Board for 15 years.  Another son, Charles, served on the Reedville School Board for 15 years and then on the Hillsboro Union High School Board for 13 years.  Other family members attended Reedville and Hillsboro area schools and served on school PTA's or volunteered in other ways.

    Many descendants of the Imlay family live in or around the Hillsboro area.  Our school is named for the Imlay family.