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Empowering Learning in the Virtual World

  • At Hillsboro Online Academy, we are committed to redefining education in the digital age. Our mission is to provide a flexible and innovative K-12 hybrid-online program that nurtures a love for learning and prepares students for success in a dynamic, virtual world.

Our Story

  • We were established in 2012 as the first online public school in Oregon, with a vision to embrace the potential of online education to meet the ever-changing diverse learning needs of students. Hillsboro Online Academy has been a pioneer in delivering high-quality virtual and hybrid learning experiences.

Educational Philosophy

  • At the core of our academy is a dedication to fostering a positive and engaging learning environment. We believe in the power of personalized education, where students can thrive academically and develop essential skills for the future. We are committed to giving our students a safe learning environment with more access to 1:1 teacher support, while still offering social opportunities online and in-person.

Hybrid Learning Model

  • Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, our hybrid learning model seamlessly blends virtual and in-person elements. This unique approach allows students to benefit from the flexibility of online learning while enjoying the advantages of face-to-face interactions.  Our K-6 students have the opportunity to come in person on Mondays and Wednesdays for STEM, Art, Music, PE and classroom lessons.  Our 9-12 students have multiple opportunities throughout the week to come in person and work 1:1 with their core teachers during drop-in hours.  At each grade level we offer various clubs and “Social” times online and in person throughout the month that include fun, food and games.

Student Support

  • Personalized Support Services: We understand that each student is unique. Our program provides a Wellness Support Counselor, two Academic Counselors, Graduation Coach, Hispanic Family Liaison, Special Education case managers and an ELD teacher. We strive to ensure that every student receives the attention they need to succeed.

Success Stories

  • Meet some of our exceptional students who have thrived in our online program.

    • Ember W.: I like that I feel safe at HOA. I feel like my teachers listen to me.
    • Giavona D.: The teachers and staff are here to support you and give you all that you need. 
    • Orion C.:  Thank you to everybody at HOA for making my High School experience rock! Over the years, I've told countless parents who are interested in online education for their children to look into HOA, and from my first hand experience feel like Online Education is the future. 
    • Jaime H.: My experience at HOA was wonderful, all of the teachers are patient and supportive. I really like how the teachers take time to establish the one on one relationships with their students. I also really liked how there were a lot of in person activities. 
    • Annika L.: As a student, we have a lot of freedom; but that means that we have to rely on ourselves more than anyone else to get things done in a timely manner. 

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